To everything there is a season....

Where has this month gone?

September is creeping out the window and the cool breeze of October's reality is frequently slipping in to replace it! I love fall with all of the colored leaves, pumpkins, mums, and CANDY CORN! (I think I actually like candy corn more than Boston Baked Beans!)

I have to admit, though, that as much as I love fall, there is something about this summer ending that is especially difficult for me. At times I look at our yard and all the summer memories we have made there; and I suddenly am overwhelmed with questions too difficult for me to even vocalize in writing. Without actually penning the words, I think you all know what I am saying.

Life is so uncertain. I trust God....but oh, it is hard sometimes to totally let go and know that no matter what we will make it.

At these moments of deep summer reflecting, I have to make a choice EVERY TIME. Will I allow the devil to overtake my thoughts and cause me to fear, worry, doubt, or dread the changing of the seasons, or will I allow the Spirit to lead me day by day, moment by moment, confident that He will never leave me or forsake me.? And just as confident that He will never leave or forsake Nick.

This is the truth:

None of us knows about tomorrow. None of us knows FOR SURE that next summer will begin the same as this one ends. That is one scary aspect of life. And yet, isn't it freeing to know that God knows!? And He is already working to prepare us all for the next day, the next week, the next month, the next season.

Oh, precious blogging friends. I have written many of your names on my prayer board. I smile when I read your names and then in parentheses see, "blogging friend." Isn't God amazing? He has brought lives together that never would have met on this planet through the technology of computers!

I would love to add all of your blogs to my blog roll. When you have time, please post your blog name and address for me! I want to update my list. I also want to come to your blogs and leave sweet notes like you do for me. And if you don't have a blog, please leave a note when you can with your email address.

I drove down the road the other day and saw my first tree of the season letting go of its leaves so beautifully in front of me. The leaves were swirling around in the air like miniature kites. I thought to myself, "And fall begins...."

Just as this tree knew that it was okay to let go of summer, I have to know it is okay too.

My prayer is that I can let go as beautifully as this tree.......and that I can embrace the colors of fall with all of their splendor knowing God holds the seasons in His hands just as He holds me and Nick ....

AND YOU! I love you all!


Blogger Cheri said...

I love you too!...for helping me see things in a new light.

Blogger Cheri said...

Forgot to leave you my email--

Blogger Mimi said...

you ae such a blessing to me as I read your thoughts and fears, just knowing that you are trusting God for the outcome He has in mind for you.
Blessings and {{Hugs}}

Blogger Rose said...

Wow. That was a beautiful post full of imagery that touches my heart. This time of year always has me thinking thoughts of my mother, who died one October when I was six. The liturgical year and the calendar year are brillant in their design to teach us so much about life, if we only just take the time to reflect. Thank you for such beautiful words today. My blog is Pretty in Pink.

Blogger Paula (SweetPea) said...

Have you tried mixed candy corn and peanuts in a bowl and eating? It's really freaky but it tastes so much like a pay day. You won't believe it until you try it. Try it and let me know. :-)

Your words brought to my mind some thoughts I had the other day. I was thinking about my desires and prayers for a restored marriage. I got so down (for many reasons) but was really frustrated with how my beloved is not being obedient to his Lord. I just asked God why He couldn't just do this and do that and I know He wants His son returned to him. I just had to let go and say "but Paula, whatever happens, God DOES have His best for you. Trust that. Just trust that!!!"

It was very liberating. I'm sure I'll have to experience that again when I retreat back into that pit of Why God.

You already have my blog on your blog roll.

Did I email you the devotional about "How long, Lord?" My words above about why Lord made me think of that. I'll check and email it to you if I didn't already.

Much love and prayers to you sweet one.


Blogger Susan said...

Dearest Tammy,

What an honor and privilege it is to pray for your family, especially your Nick.

I'm learning more and more what TRUST looks like each time I come to your blog. Thank you...

My favorite part of that passage in Ecc, is toward the end of all the seasons that are mentioned:

"He has made EVERYTHING beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end." (Ecc. 3:11-12)

Yes, how wonderful it is to know He holds the all our days in His loving hands. One day we'll understand and see the beauty in each season.

Keep holding on to Jesus as we continue to hold you up before Him.


( Forever His

Blogger I am Blessed said...

My pastor said once that before we were ever created, God made provision for every need we would ever have. Think of it Tammy, we serve a God that made sure we had everything we would EVER need! Isn't that beautiful?
Before I leave my house sometimes I forget things that my children will need. But I am so thankful I serve a God that thought of me before he even made me. He gave us light and darkness, food and shelter, oxygen for our lungs, animals and plants! I thank God for the fall, it reminds me that things change around me, but God does not. He is the same through every season.
Iamblessedtrm@yahoo Tiffany Miles

Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are definately an INSPIRATION to me!!!!
I also see things in a differant light thanks to YOU. I wish I could have leaned on you a few years ago. It would have helped me so much not to question....and just to know that everything was going to be ok. I really do care about you and Nick and your entire family.....As my 4 year old grandson would say.....YOU ROCK!!!!

I cant remember my blogging password but here is my

Love ya lots,

Blogger Luanne said...

I have been diligently praying for your family. Checking your blog each day--I took comfort knowing that Jesus knew your every thought, every minute--your every tear and Nick's every precious smile. Thank you for sharing Jesus' grace--shining through you! God bless.

Blogger Vicky said...

Hi Tammy,

Just wanted to let you know that I pray for Nick everyday. My almost 13 year old daughter Katie does also. We are from Morehead.

I also wanted to let you know that my Mother is from Brandenburg too. Both her parents lived there until they died. They survived the big tornado in the 70's.

Always in my prayers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although the problems I face can not begin to compare to the journey your family is on, I am so comforted by your words of truth. We don't know the outcome of every day or the outcome of every trial but with HIM we know that we will be ok. Yes, we will have sadness and strife but at the end of the day HE is all we truly need.

hugs from PA

Blogger Jennifer said...


Just wanted to tell you that I love you....and was thinking about you and Nick this afternoon. Hope you had a good weekend - with a good week ahead of you. Hugs to Nick!


Blogger ceekay said...

Praying that the Lord will give you peace and strength. I too live each day not know what tomorrow holds. But I KNOW who holds tomorrow. My heart aches knowing the suffering you are going through. There is much suffering that I cannot understand. But I put my trust in God. He will see us through.
Blessings, Ceekay

Blogger Bonnelle Pagel said...

Yesterday the Lord kept whispering these words to me and I felt I should share them with you...

"I will take care of you"

What a comfort to know that no matter what... He will take care of us. He holds us in the palm of His hands and He will never let go. I imagine a leaf falling from the tree - we see it as falling - but I see God's hand under each leaf carrying it safely to the ground... And so He does with us... He holds us in the palm of His hand and carries us to a safe resting place.

Praying God's grace and peace to you today... in the knowing that He will take care of you... and Nick.

With much, much love,

You already know my blog! =) I love you Tammy!

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