Nick Update (Just my email today)

This is Nick with his oldest brother, Erich. You can see that Nick's smile is sometimes a little weak on the left side...but he keeps smiling anyway!
I am just posting my prayer email update for today.
I love you all so much Thanks for every prayer!
Dearest Prayer Warriors, I can hardly believe that September is slipping by so quickly. I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that Nick has started physcial therapy with a dear friend of ours. It is so nice to have someone who Nick knows so well coming to help him with his hand. This morning when Kristy came, she was thrilled to see that Nick is starting to be able to move his fingers into a slow curve when asked to! She brought some type of electric therapy machine today too and was so happy to see Nick's hand respond to the electrodes by watching his fingers move up! Nick's grin was ear to ear and was so great to see! It's strange how our perspective on Nick's situation transforms through time. I remember when it broke our hearts to see him in a wheelchair. Now, we are so happy when Nick comes outside in his wheelchair to take a ride down our road! And now the simple of joy of seeing Nick's fingers move brightens our entire day. I called Mom to tell her and she screamed with joy! I can't help but think of Paul in Philippians when he says, "In EVERYTHING give thanks." Today is our first day without Mom here. She left yesterday for a week or so, and it has been a big adjustment! Olivia's comment when she heard that Mom was leaving was, "Oh, everything runs so smoothly when Mamaw is here." Olivia always makes me feel so good. :) In the midst of all of Nick's medicines and struggles, the contruction on the garage has been such a nice diversion for everyone in our family. If things go well, the carpet will go in next Tuesday. The drywall should be finished and ready for paint late on Monday morning, so if anyone has time Monday afternoon or evening, we will be trying to get the entire room painted before Tuesday morning! Just send me an email if you can come so I will know how many rollers to have! I will have snacks and drinks, and we'll get pizzas for dinner! We'd love to have you if you can make it! The more the merrier! (I wish those of you who read this from around the world and across the US could join us.......this is one of those many moments when I realize how wonderful Heaven is going to be!!!) And why am I thinking right now that one of my jobs in Heaven will be painting other people's mansions!?! I think that would be great.....which now makes me think of Jim Neff and Bill Leamon and John Mark Pemberton and so many others who are already there waiting for us and I'm wondering what they are doing today! Well, I've rambled enough for now. I just wanted to let you know how much your love and prayers mean to us. I also wanted to let you know that God has given us a peace that passes all understanding as we face uncertain yet full of life, love, and laughter days. There's something about looking at life as a vapor every single day that makes each day that much more precious. I pray that kind of day for all of you who read this. Soak it up!


Blogger Paula (SweetPea) said...

How beautiful, Tammy. Yes, Paul does tell us in Phil 4:4-7. May I attempt to remind us all----Rejoice always. I will say it again, Rejoice. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious for anything, but by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving in everything, present your requests to God and the peace which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds.

I'm sure I've missed quoted many words but we can get the point. (I like to test myself and therefore thought I'd try to quote it for us all.)

Anyhow, I love your you use to dread seeing Nick in a wheelchair and now it is such a joy to see him wheeling down the street.

You said:
"There's something about looking at life as a vapor every single day that makes each day that much more precious."

Wow...isn't that so true. Life is nothing more than a vapor and can be snatched from us at any minute. It is scarey and sad to ponder but oh how true. You have gained a wonderful truth and lesson that has and will richly bless you...That is, to truly live each moment as a vapor.

Oh, by the way, you do NOT look old enough to have a son who looks as old has he does. Either you look really young or he looks older than he is. :-)

Much love to you, Tammy.

Blogger Sheryl said...

Tammy, how precious that was! Life is but a vapor and we should all be appreciating it each and every moment. Thanks for the reminder. How exciting that the "new room" is almost done. Boy do I wish I was well enough and close enough to come and help!! I want to thank you for sharing your journey with us. We all are learning how to walk this walk with the Lord, one day at a time. Putting our trust and faith in Him a bit more each day. Love to you!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was working today (I clean houses) and the Lord just kept placing Nick on my heart. So I just kept praying for him to be having a good day and that he would be encouraged in some way and that his encouragement would lift you and the whole family up. I just got home and HAD to check your blog.

How cool to hear that Nick had a good day and he made some progress with his hand.

What a mighty God we serve!!

blessings & hugs from PA

Blogger Bonnelle Pagel said...

How wonderful God is...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tammy & Family,

Nick Looks So Heavenly when he smiles. Everyday when I come home from work, I can't wait to get online to see if you posted an update on him. I love it when you post pictures of Nick. It is such a treat to see him smiling.

What you said is definately first it really does break your heart to see them in a wheelchair, then the simplest thing they can do really does brighten the ENTIRE day. I wish that I could be there for you and with you. I definately would help with the painting.

I showed Nicks web page to my
co-workers the other day and they are all praying for him. They all say the same thing, your family is AMAZING and that is so true.

Please tell your mother hi for me. I remember back in the day to "brownies" or "4-H" or was it both....and her teaching us how to crochet or was it sewing?? So many years ago and she is still as loving and caring and she was back when!!

Hoping and praying you have a wonderful weekend.

Love Always,

Blogger Susan said...

Thanks for always teaching us how to appreciate life's moments.

I did an update on Childhood Cancer Awareness on my blog today.

It's people like Nick that make me want to fight HARDER and HARDER!!

We can make a difference~

Blogger Cheri said...

I've never considered looking at life like a vapor, but am learning quickly how true it is. How fast the time goes!

Glad to have a smile from Nick, and have been wanting to tell you how much he and your other son look like you.

I'll be looking forward to seeing the finished product of the garage.

Blessings to you, Cheri

P.S. I have been away from my home all weekend at my sons baseball tournament. Today this beautiful yellow butterfly actually fluttered only inches from my face for a few seconds. I prayed for Nick and it brought a smile to my face. What a priviledge it is to know your family.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. My husband and father in law were able to fix the damage to our home from all that rain. They got the work done in one day and believe it or not it cost less than $200!
Thanks for your prayers! We thought the outcome would be so much worse than this!

Blogger Laane said...

It's the first time I'm here. but I wish I could coe over and give you a hug.

I'll pray for you all.

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