What Testing Brings.....
"When he has tested me, I shall come forth as gold...." (From Job)

As I read this verse last night, I thought about gold as we see it in our culture even today.
Valuable. Beautiful. Standing the test of time. Eye-catching. Genuine. A great gift. Worthy of being used for a wedding ring. If lost, you search til you find it.

I also thought about things that are gold-plated.
Temporary beauty. Easy to chip away at when put under stress. Less expensive.

Then there are metals that look like gold but have no gold in them at all.
Rings and earrings that turn your skin green. Sold very inexpensively. If you lose them, you just replace them.

How do I really want my soul to be seen by God? As gold, gold-plated, or imitation. Gold, of course! Unfortunately, I think the Bible makes it very clear that in order to come forth as gold we must pass the tests life gives us. We must endure the fire of trials.

Without these tests and trials, there is really no way to see what we are made of.

So, this morning as I prepare to leave the Ronald McDonald House (save your pop tabs by the way and donate them to your local McDonalds restaurant) and head to the hospital to see my precious Nicholas, I want to remember that this is one of our family's tests.

I want us to come forth as gold in the eyes of God.

He continues to bring a level of peace that allows me to stand on my two feet and still smile at strangers. He even gives me the strength to comfort others around me who seem to be having a harder day. God's mercies are never-ending.

For that I am thankful.

Please take time today to do your seven laps of praise and celebration for our God and Savior!!!!!!! He is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings....and ONE DAY this world shall end and a new world will begin where we will receive our reward for how we passed the tests of this life.

GO FOR THE GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Bonnelle Pagel said...

Grace & peace to you Tammy! It's so amazing to hear God's strength coming through in your words. I can tell He is holding you up and carrying you through this & for that I am deeply blessed!

Walking & praying today...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Tammy,
you do not know me, but I feel as though I know you so well thru reading some of your blog. I first learned of the trials your family is facing thru the Morehead Prayer Chain. I have since been visiting your blog, and I just want you to know that your faith and strength amaze me and inspire me beyond words to describe. If anyone is being tried and refined, it is you and I know that you will stand before God as 'solid gold'.
I live in Morehead, and attend Johnson First Church of God, and Nick's name was raised in our Sunday School class and in church, and mentioned specifically in our prayer service.
I know we can never know what you are dealing with unless we walk the road you and your family are walking, but I am praying daily for you and your family. I have also sent Nick's name out in emails to be added to other's prayers, and told others by word of mouth. Nick is on my mind often, and I will continue to pray for him and you all.
I have also been doing the Jericho walk!

Blogger Shane said...

Tammy, thank you for your beautiful reflections today. I love the thoughts of the different "types" of gold. And you are so right on... we ALL want to be pure gold. And pure gold takes mining and purifying. That process often hurts. So thank you today for sharing your progress, although painful, towards our heavenly gold home.

Blogger Sheryl said...

You are pure gold, sister! God is well pleased with you. Your example and faith are truly an inspiration. Praying on.


Blogger Susan said...

Dear Tammy,

As always I come over here to be a blessing and encouragement to YOU and I leave so blessed and encouraged by your amazing testimony.

Oh what beautiful gold comes forth from you as you walk through your trial.

You continue to amaze me, and your genuine LOVE and FAITH in Jesus.

I'm sure you've read this quote before, but I could not help but think of you when I read it recently. This speaks of your life so loudly:

Preach the gospel everyday; if necessary, use words. Francis of Assisi

Standing with you Tammy‚ô•

Blogger Paula (SweetPea) said...

Amen. There is so much meaning, beauty, and purpose in trials and tests. They are painful. Torturous and undescribable but oh, what our glorious God can do with that pain and devastation. Oh what beauty God brings from ashes.

You are so beautiful, Tammy. As I read this today, I thought "I've got to meet this woman. I would love to meet this woman."

Your faith and character are so very rich, most definitely that of the real thing...of gold and not imitation.

Much love and prayers,

Anonymous nanaof1 said...

Oh how your words come just at the right time. Oh how I want to be the Gold and not the fake stuff for our Lord.
Praying for peace through your storm.
Praying each day!
Love ya,

Blogger Cheri said...

Even though the Jericho March is over, I will continue to pray for Nick. I think of him often as well as your whole family.

Br strong and faithful and you will have a great reward.

Tammy, are you at Children's in Columbus? I live in Columbus, is there anything I can do for YOU this week? Please call me if there is.

Cindy Daniels

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