Trying to have a normal day

I took Olivia to McDonald's for breakfast to meet a bunch of her friends before their first day of school yesterday. Giggling excitement filled the restaurant! It was kind-of surreal to sit and watch all of the "normalcy" of life when I knew that Nick had left for Cincinnati Children's Hospital with Tim, my mom, and Evan just minutes after we left for McDonald's. But for Olivia's sake I try to keep some things as normal as possible. We had a nice time and Olivia had a great first day of school! So did Todd!
Nick's appointment went well. We are still waiting for Nick's surgeon and oncologist to talk before we can make some big decisions. Thank you for every prayer as we wait.


Anonymous Lexie said...

Tammy, glad to hear that Nick's appointment went well, all of you are in my prayers. Happy Birthday Tammy. Love & prayers, Lexie

Blogger Paula (SweetPea) said...

So glad you had some time of normalcy.

Your still in my heart and prayers.
Love ya,

You will continue to be in our prayers.


Blogger Bonnelle Pagel said...

You're so pretty Tammy! The light of Jesus shines on your face. And what a pretty girl Olivia is!

Happy Birthday?! I hope you had a great day.

You are still daily in my thoughts & prayers. When you went a few days without posting... I missed you! I totally understand though.


Blogger golfbudy said...

Dear Tammy, Tim, and family, Just want you to know we think of you and pray daily for all of you. Just continue to stay strong and keep the faith. Love and prayers, Chet and Shirle Millstead

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