What a difference a day makes.....

I went to the garden where my friends and I are beginning to enjoy the "fruit of our labors" one day last week and every tomato was green. Just a few days passed by before I returned, and I was shocked to find that almost every plant was now loaded down with red or nearly red tomatoes!
What a difference a day makes!
I have to say that this is true in my life at home too. One day I feel so barren and useless...the next day I feel vibrant, ripe, ready to conquer something new. I wish I could find a balance in this crazy thing called "life with a child with cancer," but I can't lie. I am struggling. The past few days I have tried so hard to stay busy, savor special moments, check things off on the list "things to do before the kids start school," and simply enjoy BEING.
Today I feel edgey. We have big decisions to make today regarding Nick's future treatments. So big that in a way I feel as if we are playing God. And yet I know deep in my heart that God is the only one in control. I am simply asking that you pray for us to have wisdom. Tim and I want to do the right thing. We want to make the best choice for Nick. Please lift us up today.
Thankful for all of you,


Lifting all of you up in prayer today! Rest in HIS arms.


ps...did you get a chance to check our DAY of PRAYER post yesterday? We had LOTS of visitors...lots of prayers and lots of pray-ers!!

Blogger Luanne said...



Blogger Sheryl said...

Praying on!! Appreciate your honesty and knowing specifically how to pray.

Love you,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Father,
Thank you for showing us that you are faithful and that you will always provide. I pray that you shower this family with the feeling of your presence. Let it be very clear to them the direction is which you have already chosen. We know Lord that you are the ultimate healer and we trust in your mercy today.

Blogger Cheri said...

Praying that you will feel His arms around you, and that you will know without a doubt His will.

May the God of all creation sleep next to you tonight.

Hugs, Cheri

Blogger Bonnelle Pagel said...

A big hug from me to you.
Lots of prayers being lifted your way.
Strength, grace & peace be unto you.


Blogger ImageBearer said...

I pray that no matter where your hands reach in the darkness of this night, they will not be pulled back before brushing against the real presence of the Spirit of our Sovereign Lord.

YOu're loved, Tammy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Lord,
I pray that you would fill Tammy and her husband with peace as they make important decisions today for Nick's treatments. Lord please give them wisdom on what to do. I know that they are anxious and want to do what is best for Nick. Only you Lord know the right choice of treatment, so I pray that you would place heavily on their heart the treatment to pursue. Lord give them the confidence and assurance to take the next steps. Bless this family today and I pray for you to do mighty things in their lives. In Jesus name, amen.

Blogger Susan said...

Always praying Tammy. What an honor it's been.

Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the LORD." (Psalm 31:24)

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