A Hug from Heaven, A Prayer for Today, and a Give-Away!

On the first day of school this year, I nervously waited for my first group of 30 students to enter my room. I hadn't taught a full-size class since Nick had passed away, and truthfully, I felt out of my comfort zone. As I took attendance, I couldn't hide my joy when my front row of students included not only a "Nick" but also an "Angel" and a "Heaven." As I looked at these students, I felt as if God was saying, "You're where you need to be this year, and I'm here too."

As you know, it's been a tough chapter in my life. So tough, that physically I've had some major symptoms that, after much testing, have turned out to be totally related to the overload on my body. I've turned to God daily for the strength to make it through each new day and honestly, He's never let me down. I'm not saying I haven't cried in the evenings or had moments of feeling like I couldn't do one more thing, however, I am saying that every step of the way, I have KNOWN that I am not alone.

We're in a new trimester now at school, so my class rosters have totally changed. I don't start my day with Nick, Heaven, and Angel anymore. I miss that morning assurance of God's plan for me.

But I have something wonderful to share!

Of all the students that left my class, one student stops by to hug me every day. She even said to me one day, "I decided I was going to come hug you every day, Mrs. Nischan. I miss you."

Guess who it is?


Isn't that just like God to give me such a gift! A hug from Heaven!

Well, I wish I could give each of you a hug this morning and let you know that God is with you too. He longs to be the first person you talk to every morning, the One you whisper help to all day, and the One you close your eyes and think of as you fall to sleep every evening.

If your prayer life seems to be weak right now, I have a book that I believe you will find very helpful!

Kurt Bjorklund has written a book entitled Prayers for Today: A Yearlong Journey of Contemplative Prayer. In this book, he combines his own prayers, prayers from Scripture, and prayers of other "champions of faith" to create a 260-day journal of prayers to carry you through all sorts of situations. Organized topically, you can choose to flip through the book and select specific prayer topics and Scriptures as needed or you can start at the beginning of the book and work your way through day by day.

prayers for today banner

When I was asked to review this book, I felt as if God was hugging me yet again because I needed something to help bolster my prayer life back to a place of passion and purpose. In the midst of lesson plans, grading papers, and situations in our home, I had begun struggling to find the right words to say when I finally settled down enough to talk to God.

The first Scripture and prayer I read in Kurt's book are below:

Whoever drinks of the water that You give will never thirst again. Your water will become a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.

John 4:13

You are the bread of life. Whoever comes to You will never hunger again.

John 5:35

Father, I give You the places of my life where I am not satisfied....

I ask to be fully satisfied in You and the direction You are leading my life.

Show me what changes I could make in my life that would be most pleasing to You.


I want to be satisfied in my life, and I know that satisfaction comes from being filled..........only Jesus is able to fill us in a way that it is truly satisfying. I want to thirst and hunger after Him and Him alone.

And I want you to have this same spiritual satisfaction.


Please leave your name and email address below, and I will enter you in a drawing for a copy of Kurt's wonderful book Prayers for Today. I know he is praying for everyone all over the world who reads the pages of his book .

The winner will be announced Sunday evening, November 13th.

Praying that your Wednesday is filled to overflowing with God's Presence,


Blogger Dana said...

Dana McKinney gooftroop957rocks@yahoo.com

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nov 13 is Ruby-Anne's birthday. That name and child always reminds me of God's answer to prayer. Praying for you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shelli Waldridge

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tammy, you are such a blessing and inspiration to all who are privileged to know you. This book sounds absolutely wonderful. Should I not win I know that I will be ordering the book for my personal library. What lovely thoughts and prayers to send as a note to someone who needs to be uplifted. Love & miss you terribly.


Blogger lsbowen said...

Tammy, you are an inspiration to us all. Love you, Sheila


Anonymous Shannon Davis said...

My Goal - praying meaningful, purposeful prayers and not just going through the motions.

Anonymous dana franks said...

Love you!!! Dana Franks, dana@wkybb.net

Anonymous Lisa Baker said...

I need to be reminded to pray even in these difficult times.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay I want this prayer book because I feel selfish today. I had hoped no one would reply and you only had my name to pick from. Just Kidding!!!! Tammy to me you are the last person I would think of needing help how to pray. I come to this blog because I need you to teach me how to use such powerful words. Everyday you amaze me with what you convey to us your bloggers. I thank you so much for that each day. And I am so happy that the Lord sends Heaven to you each day. How blessed you are to have such a thoughtful child to come into your life. You take care and hope this next session of kids is a good one. Hugs to you, Sandy
Oh forgot to give you my email when I win that book. sandrambasso@hotmail.com

Anonymous Laura J said...

Laura Jungeblut

Love you sweet Tammy! xoxo

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Katie Eder
Thanks for your wonderful blog.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheryl Loving-Seymour

Thank you Tammy....was just discussing this with my pastor's wife last night after small group!

Love you beautiful friend and cousin!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to have this book!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you so much Tammy....

Anonymous Sue said...

You always give me strength and hope. Love that Heaven hugs you each day at school...funny how God knows and sends those little things that truly lift us. Love you, Sue - searunner5@hotmail.com

Blogger natalie said...

God has really been speaking to me about my prayertime and talking with Him! Trying to pray more, not just when I need something or the bad times, but to also praise Him and thank Him!

Love you, and please add me to your drawing!!!


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