Every Story Holds Special Moments......

One option my students had for presenting their book reports was to create a memory box in which they placed five items that represented key moments in the book they had read.  I was so impressed with their work!  As I listened to them explain the items in their boxes, it occurred to me that our lives are stories.......

Full of special moments.

If you were to fill a box with special things from your life story, what would they be??  Friends, family, places, things?????

I thought I'd share a few of my students' creations with you tonight.  I have so many more to share!




Praying your weekend is full of special moments!

May your memory box overflow!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liked the memory boxes. I have been blessed with so many good memories and they certainly fill my heart for 64 years. We are so blessed each day. Hugs, Sandy

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