Saturday's Searching...........

I want to see clearly..I really do.

I want to see God in everything around me.

I want to hear His voice.

I want to know His will.

I want to feel His peace.

I really do.

But it's been a struggle lately.

My vision's been a little upside down...

Lady Raiders099

So Saturday, I knew I needed some quiet time to think.

I took my Bible, my glasses, my coffee....and headed to the backyard.

Maybe, just maybe, time alone with God on a sunny afternoon would clear up some of my confusion.Lady Raiders094

Holding on to Hope.

That's how I've been living.

I know God cares. His Word says,

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

I Peter 5:7

So I sat and began to case all my cares upon Him, holding on with the grip of a fisherman pulling in a prized catch.

Knowing that in the holding would come the reward.Lady Raiders097

I took some time to talk to Mom on Facetime while sitting outside, but I couldn't hide the depth of my clinging.
She could hear it in my voice.  She could see it in the wiping of my tears as we spoke.

She knew.

She knew I was struggling, and she cared deeply.

Seeing her face kept me from hiding my pain.

Maybe that's why the Bible says to "seek His face."

Look to the LORD and his strength;
   seek his face always.

Psalm 105:4

Saturday's searching gives me the strength to face tomorrow.

I'm thankful for the tears.

Sometimes blurred vision makes God's love a little easier to see.Lady Raiders095

If you're feeling like your view of life is a little upside down, step away from everything and do some deep soul searching.

Cast your cares.

Hold on to hope.


See His face.

The search may lead to tears, but I promise that through the washing of your eyes you will see Jesus a little more clearly!

And isn't that what life is all about.

Seeing and knowing Him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning Tammy. Isn't it wonderful our Lord created mothers. They seem to know what our hearts want to tell them. Turmoil in our lives sometimes needs to come out to the very person who will hold us in their arms and let us talk and cry it out, just like we do when we talk to God. He put mothers out there to help us along as well. Hold onto Hope just like the cover of the book says. And we always need that time to go into the back yard to think and help our souls. When you get a chance go in and read my email to you. Hugs, Sandy

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