It's the Reflection that Matters...

Sunday as I was sitting in church waiting for communion to be served, I saw three small stained glass windows on the front left wall of our sanctuary.  I had never noticed them before, and they were beautiful.  Shimmering and full of color, the windows seemed to be suspended in a place that did not make sense to me.

As I admired their beauty, I realized that the windows weren't real.

They were actually small reflections of the large stained glass windows that surround the balcony of our sanctuary.  The plastic covering over the church's thermostat had caught the light just right and was causing the windows high above to be seen down below.

Watching this phenomena, I couldn't help but think of Christians and how the devil likes to make us feel as if we are about as useful as a thermostat cover.

He does everything he can to keep us from catching God's Light just right and reflecting His beauty from above down below.

I love those moments in my life when I am able to rise above the devil's whispers and be the person God longs for me to be.

Some days, though, I miss these moments of Light catching.

I get caught up in surviving the lesson plans, the overly talkative students, the stacks of papers that need graded, the laundry that needs to be done, the house that needs to be cleaned.....and I find myself feeling like a thermostat cover.  Doing my job in a world full of others doing their jobs.  I'm not a happy person when I focus on this "stuff."  I become restless, agitated, disappointed in my calling.  Life does not make sense.  I long for more.  I want to be a stained glass window reflector and somehow the devil convinces me that I am not.

So, today, as I take a deep breath and begin the morning routine of getting ready for yet another day of school, I'm whispering prayer after prayer to God.  I'm asking Him to fill my day with His glory so that I can reflect Him to the world.  I know that's why I'm here. 

It's why you're here too.

Today, let's all catch His Light and reflect it to a world that needs to see more stained glass windows and less thermostat covers.

Psalm 40:8

I desire to do your will, my God;
   your law is within my heart."

Proverbs 27:19

As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart.

Praying your life reflects His today,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh thanks Tammy for this today. I too need to be reminded to be a reflection of God. This morning I woke up feeling that low time pressure and needed a lift. Thanks each day for you. This is such an interesting walk down here isn't it? Sandy

Blogger Jen said...

Your post today ties in so well with the message we had on Sunday and some of my thoughts from then. The pastor was speaking on reflecting the Kingdom and how in order to reflect we need to spend time with the King. They he showed a beautiful picture of a mountain being reflected in a mountain lake. I am sure you have seen those views before. I began to think on that and how the more still the water the better the reflection. Therefore if we can still the "we, me" in us the stiller we can make our life the better the reflection. As we say it's all about him, more of him and less of me. Nothing new really but I enjoyed the message.

Be still and know that I am God.

Anonymous Tammy said...

Sandy and Jen, I always love reading the comments you leave. I love the thought of the reflection being better when we are "still." I think that has been my biggest struggle since school began.....finding time to just be when I can and do! And Sandy, this is an interesting walk for sure.....It will be so fun to see how it unfolded from God's view, won't it? Love you both!

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