My Penny Class and the Power of Grace........


I remember the day a boy threw a pencil across my room right before the bell rang........

I remember going to pick it up and finding a penny right beside it.

A penny.

My sweet little "hello" from Nick right next to a pencil that shouldn't have been thrown.

I took a chance and told my class the story of how pennies are so special to our family; and I told this specific boy that because of that penny, right next to his thrown pencil, I was reminded that we all need grace.


It covers everything.

It covers the darkest sin.

And it covers pencils that are tossed through the air.

Ever since that day a couple months ago, this particular class has become my penny class.

They enter my room with palms open almost every day...handing me pennies they have found on the bus, in a crack on the sidewalk, on the track around the football field.

I'm filling my drawer with their pennies.

I'm filling my life with God's grace.

I started using Twitter so I could follow Evan's new adventures in California, and my name is "ilovepennies."

I do.

And the reason I love pennies is because they remind me of God's love, Nick's presence even in his absence, and most of all.............


Praying your day is filled with both pennies and grace,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an impact you had on those children. I hope the pencil child received your message. It's amazing how one inappropriate act can lead to a good act. I loved your story. I was walking once when a person picked up a coin and handed it to me saying to share the wealth. Now I do the same when I find coins. Wouldn't it be a lovely world if we could all understand the grace of God. And we must remember each coin says In God We Trust. Wonderful sharing this morning. Thank you.

Blogger Trish said...

You should do this will all the pennies you've collected from Nick. ;) Maybe even on a slab of concrete in your flower garden.

Anonymous Tammy said...


I save pennies that I find and keep them at home! What a great idea!! A penny garden!

Love you!

Love you, too, Sandy!

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