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I played Jenga with my sixth graders Friday, and it was so funny to listen to their comments as our tower became less and less stable.

As you can see, we had a few daredevils who thought that taking pieces from the very bottom of our structure was the most fun!

Of course, you know me and my constantly-spinning mind.  Even as we played and the kids were being goofy, I was somehow being transformed mentally to thoughts about the similarities of Jenga and our real lives.

When those things that matter most (God, family, friends) are somehow taken away or not kept as our foundation, life becomes very unstable and shaky.

When we become overly involved in our careers, pursuit of wealth, social media, or any other number of things that can pull us away from those who matter most, we are setting ourselves up for a HUGE FALL!!

I hope your weekend is full of STURDY things........

If you're feeling a little shaky, maybe take a few minutes and think about your foundation.  Do some "building blocks" need rearranged?

Praying for you always,


Blogger natalie said...


I have been thinking these past couple weeks about the upcoming holidays so this book is an answered prayer! It's amazing how our Heavenly Father knows exactly what we need and when we need it!!!

Oct. and Nov. are so difficult for our family. Mal went to Heaven in Oct. and this Tues. is her birthday, and then we get ready for the holidays. I try to "put on that smile and get into the holidays" because I don't want others to worry about me.

Please pray for Sawyer, he really misses his sister and her birthday is especially hard for him.

Thanks again for the book and for your blog, you are a blessing Tammy!

much love,


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