A Special Night......

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When women come together for the sole purpose of learning how to love more deeply, words can hardly express what happens in their midst.


Bible reading.


More tears.




Coffee drinking.

And more tears.

I'm thankful tonight for deeper friendships and for God's perfect love.

Four points from the retreat that might help you in your journey to love more deeply------

God's love is perfect.

Nothing can separate you from God's perfect love.

God longs to pour His perfect love into your imperfect heart.

Accessed, God's love allows you to love anyone through anything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful evening! It is always so uplifting to spend time with our Sisters in Christ.

Blogger Shannon said...

Thank you so much my precious friend.
It was a wonderful night. Can't wait til
next year

Anonymous Ruth Ann Waugh said...

What a special night! I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to next year :)

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