I'm Not David......

1 O LORD, remember David
and all the hardships he endured.

2 He swore an oath to the LORD
and made a vow to the Mighty One of Jacob:

3 "I will not enter my house
or go to my bed-

4 I will allow no sleep to my eyes,
no slumber to my eyelids,

5 till I find a place for the LORD,
a dwelling for the Mighty One of Jacob."

I apologize for allowing the weekend to get by without sharing.....

I tried to finish writing an entry this evening, but I cannot keep my eyes open.

And I'm subbing tomorrow..............

I'll finish what I started when I get home.

I love you all so much, but I'm definitely not David. My eyelids need slumber!

Have a happy Monday.


Blogger Susan said...

Hey Tammy,

Hope you have a blessed day today.

I just got through studying that Psalm with Beth Moore.

Blessings my sweet friendā™„

Blogger Jennifer said...

Happy Monday morning, friend! Praying you have a beautiful week...hugs! Jennifer

Hope all goes well today and would love to hear about your weekend with Bethie!

Blogger Bonnelle said...

Sweet Tammy...

I haven't left a comment in awhile... but I wanted to stop by and thank you once again for the posts you leave here for all of us to read. Thank you for sharing your heart, your hurts, your tears and the little joys along the way. Thank you for the Mandesia link the other day... it ministered to me in more ways than you can imagine. Thank you for the post on Spring's Promise because it reminded me that Spring is on the way... not only in the time of year but hopefully in our hearts as well.

I love you so much Tammy and pray Grace, Grace, Grace to you. May you be blessed by your Heavenly Father who loves you even more than I do!


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