One of These Days!
As I hopped in the van today heading to my next "errand," this song was on the radio.

Oh, it made me smile! Just knowing that Nick, Adrienne, Tyler, Natalie, Cora, Christian, Scott, Mallory, Hunter, Mark and so, so many more can sing this song with great conviction as they are truly experiencing.....One of these days!!

Love you all! Thank you for lifting me Up when I was feeling so down.

(You may have to push "pause" on the blog music in your sidebar to the right before listening to this song...)


Blogger Charlotte said...


Definately made me smile!! Thanks for sharing it with me. xoxo

Blogger Jennifer said...

Hi friend,

I don't have a way to listen to videos, etc. on this computer (no flash player, etc.) I don't even know what song it is! Anyways, still wanted to stop by and send you a hug today!!

Love ya friend,


Anonymous Jeni Carmichael said...

Hey Tammy,

I read this post I read and look forward to every post. But when I got to the video I thought, that song is really good, but I am not going to click on it, as I have heard it tons of times before. The Lord had other plans I guess. When I got into the car not too long after reading, the song came on KLOVE, and I was so moved by it that I turned it up really loud and sang my loudest (not the prettiest sound to a fellow human, but hoped God appreciated my noise!)

Anyway, just wanted to share. I think of you often...and I hope you have a great time on your trip to India!!! It was 1 year ago yesterday that we left to get our baby girl. I will never forget that place!! I can't wait to hear about the ministry there, as I have often wanted to go visit!

Your friend,
Jeni Carmichael (Kelly's wife)

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