Please Pray for Nick
I don't have time to write a lot, but I did want to ask all of you who stop by to especially lift Nick up to our Heavenly Father today.

He is very weak.

I will write more tonight.

Thankful for each of you who shares life with our family.

God bless you all,


Anonymous Monica Stephenson said...


We will continue to pray for a miracle for Nick.

Just remember through god all things are possible.

You are such a strong person, stay positive.

I too have been through this cancer journey with my son and I know how your are down on your knees praying for a miracle.

Monica Stephenson

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praying for God to work miraculously in Nick's life. What a precious son you are blessed to have! Thank you for sharing your journey of faith.
JoAnn in Michigan

Blogger Cheri said...

Hey Tammy,

I'll be praying for his strength to come back. Never give up hope. You are an inspiration to me.

Hugs to you, Cheri

Blogger rural momma said...

Praying for Nick and for you too. (((((((((((toyou)))))))))

Blogger lookuptoday said...

Just stopping by with a prayer. Your son has he most beautiful smile ever.

Blogger Charlotte said...


NEVER GIVE UP!!! Hold him in your arms and tell him how much you love him. He needs to hear it. Then you both can rest. He needs the rest and so do you. This is the hardest journey you will ever have to take and you are AMAZING!!
I really wish I was as strong then as you are now. The praying never stops here in Arizona!!!!

Anonymous Brenda said...

Praying so much for Nick and for you to get some rest.
Love Ya

Blogger Jennifer said...

As I pray for both of you tonight..I pray that you feel covered in prayer. So, so many people love you and are diligently praying. God will provide everything you need - that is His promise, not mine! I love you, Tammy..and Nick!


Blogger Bonnelle Pagel said...

Peace be with you dear sweet Tammy. May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and strength and comfort beyond words and beyond measure.

I take hold of your hand and I join together with you and my sisters here. I lift you up before the Father and like Aaron and Hur did for Moses, we lift Your tired arms up till victory comes. Father I ask even now in this moment, Tammy and Nick would feel your grace, your strength infuse their very beings. Envelope them with your love like only you can.

Tammy, please know that you are not alone... we are here for you but Your Father in Heaven is even more so.

With much love and many prayers,

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