What did I sign up for anyway?

As Olivia unpacked her back pack one day last week, she started talking in a very "put out" kind-of way and said,
"I don't get it! I thought I was the secretary for 4-H. Well, actually, I am the secretary, but then they had to go and give me this notebook."
With that, she plopped down the green notebook (pictured above)on our kitchen table.
I had to laugh when I picked it up and saw that it was entitled, "Secretary's Handbook."
Olivia began pulling pieces of paper out of the handbook and acting so disgusted with the "work" she had not realized would be part of her "title."
It made me stop and think about how we view our lives as Christians so many times.
"I don't get it. I thought I was a Christian. Well, actually, I am a Christian. But then God had to go and give me this Book!"

Becoming a Christian doesn't just mean "easy street or ticket to Heaven."
It means realizing that "the rain falls on the just and the unjust" .....
and that everything we want to say should not be said.....
and that putting others first is not an option but a requirement ........
and that going the extra mile is exactly what God wants us to do EVERY time we have a chance to serve........
and that being content in all situations is what God desires from us.......
and that we should "do everything without grumlbing or complaining"......
and the list goes on and on and on...
What did we sign up for?
Yes, we have been given the honor of wearing the title "Christians!"
But we have to remember that part of the deal is following the handbook!
Even when it's difficult!
Striving to be what I "signed up" to be even when the handbook seems overwhelming!


Blogger Paula (SweetPea) said...

I love your correlation between Alivia and her handbook and Christians and our handbook.

It's not an easy road but God never said it would be.

I just read a devotional that included 1 Cor. 10:13. You know the one...the one that talks about every temptation has seized us what is common to man but God has provided a way out.

Oh how He provided a way out, indeed.

Thanks for this lovely reminder of being obedient to our Handbook.
Love and prayers,

Blogger Susan said...

Yes, we get the book, and if we're faithful to read it, follow it and obey it, we'll gain all we need to live this life He has called us to.

Thanks for allowing your life to be an "open book" for us all. I see Jesus each time I stop by♥

Blogger Mimi said...

what a great comparasion and we as Christians need to remember to read our handbook often!!!

Blogger Cheryl said...

Hey Tammy,

So true. Just being a Christian does not mean our lives will be easy.

I want to the all He wants me to be! I want to be in His book, and allow Him to lead me where he wants me.

Still praying!

Blogger Sheryl said...

So good. I love it. We all need the reminder that God has given us a handbook that will help us to follow Him.


Blogger Luanne said...

Awesome analogy. This one will have me thinking for awhile! Thanks for posting!

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