Just Checking In and Wondering Who's Here
I'm not sure who visits this site these days.

I blog now at a new address, but I keep this page open because it means so much to me.

I'm wondering tonight,
who visits here?

If you read this, I would love for you to email me at tammynischan@yahoo.com or leave a little comment.

I would love to see your name, imagine your face, or at least know you are there.

Blogging is a strange practice, and I sometimes wonder if I have reached the end of my words.

I don't want to believe I have, but I also don't want to write if I have nothing else to offer.

Tonight is a night of reflection for me and coming back to my original blog site has brought back many happy and sad memories.

I fell in love with blogging right here at www.tammynischan.blogspot.com.

Maybe this is where I am supposed to be every day.

Love to all of you,

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