Thankful Thursday-National Day of Prayer-Richest Moms in the World...

Before I begin my "thoughts for today," I wanted to share that the winner of the give-away is.........


Charlotte, please send me your mailing address and I will get your book and rupee in the mail next week!! :)  You can email me at  Congratulations, and I will have another give-away soon! 

Yesterday was one of those "I'm not worthy to blog days."  Just things going on in our life right now kept me from feeling the ability to share much of anything that could encourage you.  I'm glad you came back today!  Not that I'm ever worthy to blog, but at least today I am able to think clearly. :)

Thankful Thursday

Another Thankful Thursday has arrived.  I hope the copy of Choosing Gratitude arrived safely in Australia finally.  Please let me know if it did not.  We reached the end of that great book last week, and so today my thankfulness comes from all the things we earned while reading this inspiring book on the importance of living with a thankful heart!

I have now begun Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer and am wondering if anyone is interested in doing a weekly study of this book.  Maybe on Fridays?  We are beginning the series in Sunday school soon, so it would be a great way for me to get my thoughts together each week!  If you want to join in, please pick up a copy of her book at your nearest bookstore on online.

Today is National Day of Prayer

I feel a sense of urgency to be praying FERVENTLY for our country at this time in history.  Please keep our nation in your prayers as you go throughout the day.

Richest Moms in the World

I noticed that Yahoo had a big article on The World's Richest Moms...many being worth billions of dollars.

I couldn't help but think of God's view of riches as I read the headline.

He calls us to be rich toward Him and to store up treasures in Heaven.  I don't think that "riches" in and of them itself are wrong.  But I believe the love of riches is.

The Bible says that God is rich in mercy and grace and kindness.

Today, as I sit here fully aware of my limited "earthly riches," I can honestly say that "I feel rich."

Rich in the love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace God extends to me everyday.

I pray that you can look at your life's situation and realize that while you may not ever make the Forbes' list of "richest men or women,"  you have an inheritance that far outweighs any earthly gain you will ever receive if you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior and become a child of the KING!

Thankful today for the richness that comes from being His,

(Oh, more on this past weekend will be coming soon!) 


Anonymous Christine said...

Now which book are you studying--is it (this) book or (this) book? Is it the devotional or the regular book? *:o) [Poor Carla, I'm picking on her...]

Ok, maybe I missed something today........I've been gone all day long. :)

I am going to begin Battlefield of the Mind on Fridays in a couple of weeks. I reread my blog, and it probably was confusing. oops!!!


Love you all!

Tammy :)

Blogger Jen said...

Hi Tammy
Sorry to say the book has never arrived. I was in touch with Steph and I believe they suposedly sent another copy but that has never come either. I have no idea why as I have never had a parcel problem before and believe me there have been lots of them.

I may just have to buy it at the book shop but I am glad I won although it makes me think twice before trying to win another giveaway.

I am so glad that the National Day of Prayer is going ahead this year even though the President's address or speech or whatever was a little open ended. I read that it is unlikely to held again due to the Court's ruling. Sad. But God will triumph in the end. He is bigger than all that try to decry Him!


Blogger natalie said...

Hi Tammy,

I am definitely in for the book study! I'll try to pick one up this weekend.

God Bless,


Jen, I am so, so sorry about the book. :( I will email Steph again myself and see what is going on. Email me your address one more time just to make sure we have every single part of the Australia address correct.

Natalie, I am so happy you are interested!

Sorry I have been away from my blog.

I'll write soon.

Much love,

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