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Last night as Tim and I were driving back from Todd's choir concert in Ashland this was the conversation in our car:

Tammy: "Have you heard Amy Grant's song about hallelujah (I couldn't remember the name)."

Tim:  Yes, I don't care for it.

Tammy:  What!?!?! I love that song.

Tim:  Really?   I feel like it's saying that God loves when we are sad  or crying.

Tammy: Oh, I didn't hear it that way.  I guess I just think that "hallelujah, praise the Lord" is easy to say when life is going our way.  I think the song is trying to say that God loves when people cry out to Him even when life is tough.

Tim:  Hmmmmm, I'll have to listen to it again.

Well, Tim, here you go. :)

I'd love to know what you all think of this song.

If you share even just a word or two, you'll be entered to win a little prize (a book and a thumbs-up rupee.)

The drawing will be next Friday afternoon.

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I'm not getting anything from Amy Grant for sharing this song.  I'm just looking for a little conversation about a song that obviously can affect people in lots of different ways.  I can definitely see Tim's point of view.  I had just never thought of it that way until he said that.  (Just click on the words "Precious Comments" to leave your thoughts.)

Offering God my cries because sometimes "hallelujah" is hard for me to say,


Blogger Jen said...

I hadn't heard that song before. I think it is lovely. I think it is saying that God wants to hear all that we have to tell him. He loves honesty. I think that "Hallelujah" is sometimes just said as a reaction, a word said without thinking, as a habit. Especially within the Pentecostal circles that I move in.

Love to you Tammy.

I think I will have to get this thru I tunes. Lovely song.

Anonymous Allison Murray said...

When I hear that song on Klove I always sing it loudly and Lily always says, "You love Hallelujah. Mommy, what is Hallelujah?" I explain (in 2 1/2 year old language) that it is a way of praising God. I believe the song is saying that we can be praising God even when we're crying out in pain...He sees our faith through the way we react to the trials in our lives.

Blogger loramae34 said...

Hi Tammy,

Looks like we are in the same boat, I love this song and Ed does not! I feel like it is saying that God loves us surrendering our every problem or every "thing" over to him more than a Hallalujah (the Highest praise) sometimes!

Love and many prayers for you and your family,

Lora Sturtevant

I'm just wondering if maybe as "girls" we want to think of our Father as someone we can cry to....and for a guy that might make them feel uncomfortable - seeing their Father as someone who views their "guy tears" as a beautiful thing..........just thinking out loud.

Love all your thoughts.


Wow, that is the first time I had heard that song and it gave me goosebumps! I think we have all been there where we have cried out to God in our distress or sadness. I think the song is saying God wants to bring sinners to righteousness! That is why he died! He loves our praises absolutely, but he died for the unrighteous. Those who are sick need a doctor, those who are hurting and empty need a saviour! Sometimes we just say the words and they are only words, but God knows the heart of us all. thanks for sharing the song!

Anonymous Shannon Davis said...

"We pour out our misery not just tears of melody." I have to agree with you Tammy. When we are broken our hearts are wide open and He loves to come in and comfort us and teach us.

Blogger Charlotte said...

I love this song too!!! My daughter was just talking about it the other day!!! xoxoxo

Blogger Tim Nischan said...

well i've looked at the lyrics again and i see your point:

We pour out our miseries
God just hears a melody
Beautiful, the mess we are
The honest cries of breaking hearts
Are better than a Hallelujah

if the focus is on "miseries, mess, and breaking hearts" then I don't like the thought the God loves it when we have troubles because troubles can drive us to Him.

but if the focus is on our "pouring out" and "honest cries" as we turn to God for hope then I absolutely agree with Tammy. I 110% agree that God is not thrilled so much with our words as much as He is with the thoughts and motivations behind them.

Here's something CRAZY!!! the word verification I have to type to post this comment is "socry".


love you!

When I listened to this song I felt like it was saying that God appreciates it when we trust in him when life is hard. Sometimes people allow pride to get in the way of asking help from anyone let alone going to God in prayer. So when we drop our walls,fall to our knees, and cry out to him for help we are saying ultimately that we trust in his knowledge. That we trust he will guide us in the right direction and will love us unconditionally. If someone came to you and poured out their soul and trusted you with their darkest secret; would you not feel like you were given a compliment; because they saw that your kindness and love was a soft place to fall. To say Hallelujah is to praise God but to trust God with all your problems, shows your love and respect for him. Best Wishes, Tammy.

no words...just what i needed

Anonymous Judy said...

God sees our tears and he knows all about us even through our tough times. Tears can be of sadness or sometimes even joy--doesn't matter. Even if we don't shout "Hallelujah", God knows us through our tears--those may be better than a "Hallelujah" sometime.

Blogger Bakers said...

Oh Tammy!!!
Being separated from my family right now because a house won't sell, (everybody pray!!!!) I totally understand this song. I'm not there to see my other part of my family answer me and a "I'm fine" doesn't cut it. I want to KNOW what's going on in their life and mind. I want to SEE.
I'm sure that's where she went with this song. God wants us to be real...not just Everything is Fine!
You bless my socks daily,
Lisa Baker

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