Sorry I Haven't Written Much Yet.....

I started my new part-time teaching job today and I'm subbing tomorrow at a different school, so I've been in a bit of a whirlwind since I got back home.

But the real issue with my lack of writing is an injury to my foot a couple of weeks ago which has flared up and had me in tears this evening.

I'm pretty sure it is a condition called planters fasciitis.  Maybe some of you have had it or know someone who has..if so, I am open to any suggestions.

Praying I can make it through a day with sweet little second graders tomorrow....

Love you all,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sent an email
GOOD shoes is #1

Blogger Beckypdj said...

I had this same thing last year. A friend of mine gave me great advice that really worked. I stood at the edge of a step (facing "going up") then I would drop my heels off the edge. This would stretch the tendon. I would do this several times a day just a couple of minutes at a time. It took a couple of months, but it did the trick. Also while sitting at my desk, I would take off my shoe and roll my foot over a tennis ball. Someone else told me they would do this too but with a cold soda. Hope you get it feeling better soon!!

Blogger bbmommy2 said...

Hi Tami,
Before I began my life as a SAHM, I worked as a physical therapist asst. PF is the inflamation of the Fascia or (connective tisue). I had many patients with the same painful complaints, especially runners.

Beckypdj's gave perfect advice. Stretching and massaging that heelcord and bottom of the foot. Massage the foot throughout the day, and apply ice pack often to reduce the inflammation. I like the idea of using the cold soda can (never thought of that), But you get the cold therapy/massage at the same time. Use a belt or rope to pull the toes back stretching the bottom foot, heel, and calf muscle.

Hope it gets better soon.

Blogger Charlotte said...

Hi Tammy,

Welcome to the horrible world of Char.....I too have that problem, and over the years its been on both feet. I stand almost all day at work. They are exactly right with the suggestions above....try that.... but for me for the past year or so, I have had to get an injection in my foot. It hurts like heck, takes a few days to kick in but then I am fine for several months. During those months though, I stretch it and do the stuff your friends said above. Getting an injection every now and then is worth it to me, because the next step would be surgery to kinda "snip" the area so it will stretch better and I don't want to do that.....I hope you feel better soon....xoxoxo

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did all those stretches and everything and nothing helped until I kept my foot wrapped with paper tape for several months and have been pain free ever since. I for which I was very thankful. I used custom made inserts in my shoes before that and don't need them any more. My massage therapist also did a very thorough stretching that probably helped quite a bit as well. Hope you find relief because it is not fun - very painful.


Blogger Lisa P said...

If it doesn't get better, Premier physical therapy does a great treatment called ASTM treatment on that, it really works.

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