Heavy Hearted Tonight.....

Dear friends from church had to say good-bye to their daughter tonight after a tragic car accident earlier today. 

Please keep the Brown family in your prayers.


Placing them in His lap for comfort, strength, and peace,


Anonymous Violeta said...

Monday the son( 11 years and he have epilepsy also ) of my dear friend of here had one accident -car and now they are at Neurochirurgy ,too.
The driver was drunk in the car so... we are around this family this week with all what they need .
Our hearts are with this familyes and they are in our dayli prayers !!

i miss you Tammy on mails !
love you ,


Blogger Deedy said...

Just found you Tammy, through PBT Angels...will pray for the Brown's during this incredibly difficult time. Our daughter, Nora, went home to be with 'my Jesus', as she called Him, not quite 10 months ago... He carries us....What an honor to have had these children...loved seeing Nick and the family play CandyLand! she would have been a match for him at that game(although I think we let her win sometimes...) In Him alone...Deedy
Her caringbridge was /visit/nora
However my blog is what I most frequently update now...

Blogger Beverley said...

My thoughts and prayers to the Brown family during this most difficult time. May they be able to find peace in the loving arms of God.

In His love,
Beverley Day

Blogger Bonita said...

How horrible. I can't even imagine. Praying for that heartbroken family as they travel this painful road.

Blogger Christina said...

My heart breaks for this family. I will keep them in my prayers.

Blogger Susan said...

Oh how tragic...

I will pray Tammy, thanks for letting us know~

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