I'm Home......Again............

With my hair up in a pony tail, luggage still in the living room, the washing machine running, and my contacts not yet in my eyes, I had to sit down and check on all of you.

I miss sharing life with all of you when I am away, but believe me when I say that I think of you daily when I see God in sunsets, in roses, and in all sorts of other unexpected places. I constantly take pictures and store away thoughts to share with you as I travel.

God was with me on this journey to my grandpa's funeral, and I just know and believe He is ever-present with all of you as well.

Mandy, you commented on a recent blog post, and my heart simply broke as I read of the struggles your family is facing. It was a moment when I wish I had access to Donald Trump's resources and could just send you a gift to help you get through a very tough season. But then again, I'm not always so sure that God wants things fixed as easily as I do. There's such an opportunity for growth when we are truly trusting in Him to provide NOT just our wants but also our NEEDS day by day. My prayer for you and your family, Mandy, is that God will shower you with unexpected blessings as you are doing just that right this minute. I pray that your four children will witness a mom and dad who are leaning on the ONLY SOURCE of TRUE STRENGTH and HOPE!!! I would love for you to email me, though, so I can write to you a bit more. :)

To all of you who prayed our family through this emotional weekend, thank you.

I will write more a little later and share some things that God shared with me along the way.

Much love,


Blogger Charlotte said...

I missed you dear friend. So happy you got to go to Oklahoma. Always thinking of you.....Char

Blogger Jennifer said...

So glad I stopped by. Your blog is saved in my favorites but I haven't visted in some time. I'm always so glad that I do..when I do. I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa, there is nothing like the tender love from grandpa. Oh I miss mine too. Your posts' speak so heavy to my heart, your faithfullness and your love for our Father, are so contagious and I'm always at peace when I stop by. Thank you for sharing your journey and thank you for sharing HIS word.

PS, The books that you listed for some intimate reading look very good..I just finished Hindsfeet on High Places (??) WOW, what a book! Right now, I can so relate to "much afraid".

Blessings to you and your family,

Blogger Susan said...

Welcome Home Tammy!

We missed you~

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