It Started with a Human Hot Dog..


Last Saturday was my 44th birthday!! YIKES!

Mom, Maria, Olivia, and I decided to spend the afternoon at the mall just to do something a little different.  Another first without Nick is always so hard for me.

Well, as we sat in the food court, we noticed a hot dog walking around handing out balloons.  I tried to get Olivia to let me take her picture with him, but she was not interested at all.  Mom said, "It's your birthday, Tammy.  You should have your picture taken with him." 

Well, I'll tell you this:  After all we've been through in life, I truly have very little fear anymore...even of looking quite silly.  so, I walked to the hot dog and told him it was my birthday and asked if we could be photographed together!

birthday and sleepover 080

He even gave me a green balloon!!!!!!!!!!!!

birthday and sleepover 081

As we were taking the picture, I heard some chuckling and discovered that friends of mine from Grayson were also at the mall.  So I thought, "Why not take my picture with them too!?"

birthday and sleepover 083  This led me to do some real thinking which made my mom laugh and take this picture.

birthday and sleepover 085


Holding my new green balloon, of course!!!

So the rest of the afternoon was filled with fun visits with many people I hadn't seen in a long time!  It turned out to be really fun!

    birthday and sleepover 093 birthday and sleepover 098

birthday and sleepover 089 birthday and sleepover 092 birthday and sleepover 091

birthday and sleepover 086 birthday and sleepover 087 At the end of the day, we were all worn out!!

birthday and sleepover 100 After dinner, I decided to let Phillip (my nephew) say "bye bye" to my balloon!

birthday and sleepover 137

birthday and sleepover 138

He counted down from 10 and away the balloon went!

birthday and sleepover 139


Hopefully Nick was able to enjoy the site of my balloon floating through the air!  Oh, and I wrote my blog site on it before we let it if someone comes here because of my balloon, please, please tell me!!! 

Another birthday has come and gone.

Thank you, Lord, for getting me through the day with so many hugs and smiles!

And for using a human hot dog, of all things, to start me on an adventure of love and laughter!

Lord, help us always see the creative ways you work to give us just what we need....


Blogger Bonnelle Pagel said...

You look absolutely beautiful and it looks like you had a wonderful day! I love you dear Tammy and pray you have many more days that turn into happy ones!

TAMMY! That is soooo stinking awesome and fun I can't contain myself...I love you girl!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy
I am Leveta,reading your blog through Pam,Micah's Mom. I too have a daughter from India who is 10 years old.Her name is Kaitrin.Did you use Dillon as your agency.We also have a child in heaven due to SIDS.He would have just turned 18.We also have a bio son Chad who is 17 and a son from India Sam through Dillon who is 9.I am enjoying reading your posts and they have encouraged my heart so much.

Blogger Rose said...

Happy Birthday, Tammy! What a wonderful day you had, I loved reading about it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tammy you are a complete and crazy nut!! I LOVE it!!!
What a fun day!

Much love and hugs,


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