Sometimes Nikes Just Aren't Enough.....
Ephesians 6:15

"...and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace."

I'm trying to stay committed to walking every day, even trying to build up to a "jog" now and then.

It's not always easy. There are days when I find excuses to avoid my exercise routine (too tired, too busy, too "whatever works for that day".)

But even more challenging than the putting on my tennis shoes and hitting the sidewalks is having my spiritual feet "fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace."

I found myself in a restaurant today where a good friend of ours was sharing the not-so-good news about his wife's latest MRI. He talked with teary eyes, and I found myself at a loss for comforting words.

I wasn't ready.

Sunday one of Olivia's friends' dad came up to me after church and began to cry. Life's been tough. He needed to talk to Tim. I found myself at a loss for words.

I wasn't ready.

Even though Olivia is at camp, there is still a lot going on around our house. Planning Nickapalooza. Upcoming weekend trips out of town that I need to make decisions about. Upcoming conferences that I need to prepare for. Upcoming retreats that I need to be working on. And I find myself at a loss for words.

I'm not ready.

I remembered tonight that Erich had given us a mailing address before he left for Africa! I forgot that we could actually mail him a package! I forgot that he wants the address sent to a friend from Grayson. I forgot where I put the address! I'm at a loss for words..............

I'm not ready.

So tomorrow as I get up and put on my Nikes.............bright and early.............

I'm praying that I'll put on even more.

I need to be fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.

Until then,

I'm not really ready!!!


Blogger Beckypdj said...

There have been many times after leaving an opportunity, that I have berated myself for not having the "right" things to say. Then I think of what people could have said to me in my grief. Nothing they could have said would have mattered, being there with a hug or an ear is what I needed. I am sure those people walked away from you feeling God's love just as you have when people don't have the words for you.

That being said, there are OTHER times when THE Word is what they need and we do need to be ready.

Thank you Lord for your Holy Spirit that leads us in all truth and thank you for our hearing ears so we don't miss those nudges.

Tammy, praying for you to be victorious in each and every thing God has you do and wisdom for every situation.

Nickapalooza!!! Sounds way cool.

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