Church Camp!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-06-070037 resized

 Cameron and Olivia before we begin the adventure to church camp!

How long are you staying, Olivia?!?!?!?

2009-06-070038 resized

Tina checks one of girls into the dorm.

2009-06-070039 resized 2009-06-070041 resized

Olivia and Tim on Olivia's bunk before we say "bye."

2009-06-070042 resized

Can't you tell Olivia is really sad to say "Bye, mom."

2009-06-070043 resized

She musters up the energy for one more smile!

Have fun, Olivia, Cameron, Laney ,Addy, Kathryn, Jon, and Evan....

Grayson will miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Rose said...

Aww, I love that last picture! I think she will have lots of fun but it looks like she will miss you a lot!

Blogger Jennifer said...

Happy Monday fun to read back through your posts and get caught up (we've been away for a bit!) Looks like your summer is off and running...full speed ahead! Speaking of running - how is that training coming??

Hope Olivia has a wonderful time at camp....and your week is blessed as well!!

Hugs, Jennifer

Looks like when I used to pack the car for college! Isn't camp about "ROUGHING" it???

That's what I thought!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Blogger Charlotte said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures!!! Olivia is such a beautiful young lady...xoxoxoxo

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