What is it about snow?

I love snow!

Kids love snow!

Teachers really love snow!

When the weatherman even hints that snow is on the way, you can just feel the excitement in the air.

Yesterday as I was subbing, I heard teacher after teacher talk about the fact that next week the weatherman is "calling for snow!"

What is it about snow?

For me, I think it is the chance that the world might shut down temporarily causing everyone to simply stay home and cuddle up under blankets and sip hot chocolate.

White roads unmarked by tires or even footprints.

Tree branches drooping with piles of white fluff.

Snow covering up mud puddles and potholes.

The absence of imperfections in my landscaping.

Snow truly "evens out" the world's good and bad into one big sweeping view of white beauty....

and in that beauty I find peace.

Being able to watch the snow fall is another thing I love. Witnessing the transformation from greens, browns, rocks, gravel, weeds, broken toys, bare branches..........into a white canopy of oneness.

Snowfall offers hope for all things to become "new."

Isaiah 1 tells us,

18 "Come now, let us reason together,"
says the LORD.
"Though your sins are like scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow."
Maybe, just maybe, this deep longing to be white as snow appears in us through.........
loving snow days
making snowmen
creating snow angels
making snow cream
sipping hot chocolate
cuddling under a blanket
catching snowflakes on our tongue
God never ceases to amaze me. The very things we love are the very things He created with such deeper meaning.
As our town prepares for a possible "snowy week" next week, I hope I am preparing even more for the day when my faith becomes sight.
I long to be "whiter than snow!"
And I just wonder if Nick and Adrienne and Natalie and Tyler and Brittany and so many other precious children I know and love who have been taken Home early are playing in the snow in Heaven.....
I can just imagine a place so white and beautiful and yet not needing coats or gloves or hats or mittens............
Thankful for a creative and loving Creator,


Blogger Jennifer said...

You know, Tammy, I have never really thought about seasons in Heaven. Our boys playing in the snow?? Just imagine...the wonder, the beauty and the fun of snow - without the misery of freezing!

Somewhere I missed it - that Natalie was also in Heaven. I recently met another mom on blog who's son was Tyler's age when he went to Heaven as well.... Surely, there will a "waiting room" of sorts filled with children ready to greet their parents - and take us to meet Jesus! - when we all get to Heaven!

Love you, girlfriend! Have a warm weekend...


Blogger Jen said...

Thanks for your lovely post. I haven't seen snow for quite some time, 32 years actually. But you managed to put down all the reasons that I remember liking the snow. Foget the cold bit, I don't miss that. But the thought of playing in the snow in heaven without feeling cold. That sounds like fun!

Blogger Laura_Hurn said...

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Blogger Laura said...

Everyday I look forward to reading your posts! You are such a talented woman! I am amazed at your ability to see God in every and all situations! With only being a teenager I look at your posts and they are a path for me to follow. They teach me how to look at life and teach me many lessons! I am so thankful for you. Whenever I see you around campus at KCU your smile just radiates! I pray that you have a wonderful snow-filled weekend and coming week! :)

Blogger Chesla said...

Tammy, I think the kids are making "cloud angels"!

We've had 15 inches of snow in the Akron, Ohio area.

And I found a penny the other day and thought of you and Nick!!!

Have a happy weekend!

THank you! Now all I need is a good snow storm, blanket, and a hot chocolate...I am reading a fabulous book so that isn't a problem!

Check out my blog sometime if you'd like...One of my previous posts was a little tribute to Nick...hope you like it! It was for all the people I had praying that don't necessarily visit your blog or get your emails...Thanks so much for your updates and your transparency through them!

Blogger Cheri said...
Blogger Bonnelle Pagel said...

This was soo cool!! I sat and watched the beautiful snowflakes come down tonight and was amazed at the stillness of the night and the beauty and wonder of it all. God is so amazing!!

I love you so much dear friend. Thank you for sharing!

Blogger Susan said...

Oh, I can't begin to tell you how much I LOOK FORWARD to each post...

I'm going to enjoy your snow with you this week, even if it's just online.

I feel that close♥

Love you sweet Tammy~

Blogger Sheryl said...

Funny how those of who live with the snow don't really look forward to it. Guess we get used to it, sick of it...

Loved the image of the kids playing in heaven. Oh to get a glimpse of the sheer joy that heaven holds.

Love ya,

Blogger Rose said...

I know what it is about snow, it accents the good in everything, makes everything look pretty. We woke up to a light dusting of snow this morning, it is melted now, along with the kids' hopes of a snow day tomorrow!

God bless you Tammy, your blog is my favorite one to check every day.

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