Twenty More Minutes of.................Ten

Emotions overwhelmed me tonight as I gazed at Olivia.........snuggled and warm.

Embracing her last 20 minutes of the first decade of her life.

Where has the time gone since Tim flew to India and brought home our 19-month old little girl?

Tim told me earlier this evening that at the end of Olivia's indoor soccer practice tonight the girls on the team sang "Happy Birthday" to her.

Then on the way home, Olivia was talking about her birthday and said, "What time was I...." then hesitated and said, "Nevermind."

Tim replied by saying, "Were you wondering what time you were born?"

And Olivia said, "Yes, but you wouldn't know."

Then he said, "Well, what time would you like to have been born?" She answered, "I guess sometime in the morning. Maybe 2:32." Tim said, "Okay." Then she quickly changed her mind and said, "No. 3:23." And Tim said, "Alright then. 3:23 a.m. is what time you were born."

He said he felt sad for Olivia for a minute, but then he also felt thankful for how blessed she has been as well as what a blessing she has been to our family.

I crawled out of bed tonight because I couldn't sleep.

As I sit here and look at the clock, I am "struck" by the fact that it is 2:00 a.m...............

I try to imagine 11 years ago when an Indian woman in a small village was preparing to give birth to a child she knew she cannot afford to keep.

I think of her sister who just hours later would take Olivia and literally drop her off of a bridge.

I think of the policeman who would find Olivia and take her to a hospital where she would have to stay for 6 weeks and who would give her the name, "Pallavi" which means "new leaves."

And then I think of the orphanage workers who cared for Olivia Faith-Pallavi (her name now) for a year and a half while we were in America praying about whether or not to adopt a child.

Oh, God, You amaze me.

Your tapestry so often appears tangled and frayed when we examine tiny pieces one at a time........

Yet when we are privileged to stand back and examine Your Work in bigger pieces, we are taken to our knees in awe!

Olivia is so excited because she is turning 11 on the 7th! For those of you who don't know, Nick was 7 when he had his first brain tumor and 11 when we found out about the second one. Within minutes of hearing the news, Nick said that he wanted his nickname to be 7-11. And since that day, those numbers and that time on a clock have been so powerful in bringing smiles and encouragement to us just when we need them!

I feel certain that somehow God had His hand in even this tiny aspect of tomorrow for Olivia.

She feels connected to Nick on this birthday in a very special way.

Monday was hard for me. Everyone went back to school. The house was so empty.

Today was a bit easier.

Tonight I feel thankful.

Thankful for the promise that God truly does "work for the good of those who love him." (Romans 8:28)

This I know:

I love God more than anyone else in this world. If I believe His Words are true, then I must believe that in spite of my sorrow God is working for good!

So, tomorrow we will celebrate Olivia being 11 on the 7th! And now we know that she was born at 3:23 a.m.!!! (in our hearts, anyway)

And so I must sleep. But before I could, I had to write. It is more effective than Tylenol PM any day!

With love and thanks for a God who works for good!


Happy Birthday Olivia!

Blogger AntonucciFamily said...

Happy Birthday to Olivia!!

Blogger Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Blogger Cheri said...

Wow...what a story Olivia has for her life's adventure. Man, God is awesome. Tell her Happy Birthday and here's to 7-11!

Praying for you all,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Olivia :)

Proverbs 3:23 says :
" Then you will go on your way in safety, and your foot will not stumble; 24 when you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down your sleep will be sweet".

Love and Hugs ~ Deborah Peterson

Blogger Carrie Hewitt said...

I hope Olivia has a wonderful day today and gets to eat all her favorite food, including a yummy birthday cake (big ole piece too!). Happy Birthday!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the thoughts of a Mom in India giving birth and a couple in America praying for adoption. God is amazing. And I am thrilled to read that you are in love with God even through the pain. God bless you Tammy.

Blogger Luanne said...

Praying B'day blessings for your miracle girl. Let her know we are praying for her and the life story that God is writing for her!

Anonymous Denise Ciofani said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! 7-11 holds a special meaning in our hearts, too! Zia was due on June 11th, but was born on the 7th!! And today is her 19 month birthday, which really struck me when you said that you adopted Olivia at 19 months! I saw a flash of Zia all of a sudden turning 11... on the 7th!
Love you ALL, Denise Ciofani

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Olivia! You are a beautiful young lady. Surely God has a wonderful plan for your life!
Enjoy your day!

Blogger Sheryl said...

Happy Birthday, Olivia!!

God has big plans for you that's for sure.

Blogger Molli said...

That story truly touched me as Tyrel and I pray about adoption one day!

Happy Birthday Olivia!
Love you all!

Anonymous Brenda said...

Tell Olivia Happy Birthday!
God knew You and Tim would be the best for Olivia.
God Bless You,

Blogger Paula (SweetPea) said...

You are so sweet...writing better than a Tylenol PM. :-)

How precious Olivia is.

How awesome God is at orchestrating Olivia's beginning whatever time it was and bringing her journey to the Nischan's.

It is awesome when we can see the bigger picture, full picture, or at least bigger pieces as you said.

Love ya,

Blogger Lisa P said...

Kenzie weighed 7#11ounces when she was born and I always remembered it that way 7-11.

Blogger Rose said...

Happy Birthday, Olivia!

Tammy, her name which means new leaves had me thinking about you and your family taking pictures in trees!

Your story of Olivia's beginnings really touched my heart. I'm glad that this birthday brings her a special meaning and connection to her big brother! God bless you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!!!!
I love you sweet girl,

Blogger Jennifer said...

What a wonderful story - and what a blessing God has given you with your daughter! Happy Birthday Olivia - have a beautiful day!

Blogger Susan said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!

She is so beautiful. What a gift from God.

I don't know if you've read this post or not, but it's just incredible.

Here is a link to it. It's by Ann over a Holy Experience. I pray it blesses you.

I've watch you do this time and time again...

Blogger mary circosta said...

Happy Birthday Olivia,
God has awesome plans for you, have a great day,
Praying for you all. xxxx

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