Learning About Myself
When I started blogging, I was kind-of a "closet blogger."

In some ways, I still am.

I don't talk to my friends about my blog. I don't advertise on my blog.

And honestly, I feel blogger-envy when I visit many of your blogs because I just can't measure up. I don't know how to change my sidebar. I would love to update that info with many of your blog names. I would love to add links to other sites I enjoy.

But, for now, simply adding my thoughts as often as I can is about all I am up for.

Well, today I learned something about myself. Something I sort-of already knew but was hit right in the face with the depth of its truth today. Although I write as a "closet blogger," I care about all of you who "enter my closet" so very much that what you say or think about my feelings really matters to me! Maybe more than it should.

I am not a confrontational person. I do not like dissension. I don't like to ruffle feathers or cause other people to be upset with me. I am generally a people-pleaser.

So this morning, as I posted a little off of my normal subject area (my family), I talked a little-a very little-about my feelings concerning the election results and how we must look to God as our answer not to man......

ANYWAY...............as I read my comments on that post, I discovered that I had disappointed one of you, and I felt HORRIBLE.

Honestly, it was time to leave to go pick Olivia up from school and I felt sick. I wanted to call whoever it was and talk to you. I wanted to say I was sorry and have a nice talk, because believe me, I do not blog for any other reason than to share my heart and bring glory to God through the power of His Word.

I am praying for our new president. I am praying for our country and for the world.

I learned today that my skin is very thin. I deleted the entire post (in case you were here earlier and now see that it is missing).

It wasn't that the comment was unkind. It was actually very nice. But the thought that anything I wrote would disappoint someone made me sad. I am sorry.

Humbled to Share My Closet With You,


Blogger Lisa P said...

Tammy, I read the original post and I wondered why you deleted it. I found nothing really confrontational in it. I did vote for Obama and am glad he won. I really feel he is a godly man that can take the country in a very good direction and unite instead of divide us. However, I'm sure you voted for McCain because you felt he was the best choice. It's your blog and you have the right to say what you want. You are such a sweet person to worry about everyone else.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I enjoy your posts. ALL OF THEM!!
If God wanted everyone to have the same thoughts and feelings about everything, then we would all have the same DNA!! Don't be so hard on yourself. You are WONDERFUL just the way you are!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tammy, there was nothing wrong with your original post. You have a right to your feelings (I felt the same). We have to be big enough to pray for those with different beliefs. Politics are not my thing but they are a big part of our country. Stay true to yourself.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tammy, it amazes me that people can actually blog you such negative and ugly comments. You have never said anything that is offensive to me (nor should be to any other believer) I get so upset when people write such heart ripping comments to you . You post on the election was absolutely amazing. One of my friends read it and cried it was so great. Really sorry you deleted it. Wish I had printed it before you did. No apology is needed from you but some need to apologize to you in my opinion. You are a great blessing to me and I love the Christ I see in you.

Blogger Sheryl said...

Oh Tammy - I actually call you my friend and I am proud to do so. Your heart is more than sweet to be considerate of those who read your blog. These are your words that you're sharing and not ONE of them has ever been hurtful or offensive. You point us to Jesus!!

Love to you,

Blogger Cheri said...

Praying that God will help you get that thicker skin your talking about.

Blogger Rose said...

Tammy, I must have missed the original post. I can relate to your feelings, though. Sometimes I wish more people would come to my blog and then other times I'm glad I'm blogging in a vacuum. Actually I was wondering if I should just stop because I get more out of reading other people's blogs than writing my own, and then the next day I got a comment from a "new" person that really encouraged me. It can go either way but I know I would be terribly hurt if someone commented something that wasn't nice. Well, you said it wasn't mean spirited-- I've read blogs where people really get out of hand, and the blogger is able to graciously turn it around. I know I couldn't do that. Well, I guess I blabbered enough, hope I made sense!

I'm off to Adoration to spend an hour praying for Nick (every Thursday our parish has Adoration, and I try to go at least a half hour but now I'm trying to go an hour.)

I am so thankful to hear he is having such great days!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh yes, thin skin--I've got it too.

I am sorry someone caused you to feel "horrible" for what you had posted. I do understand though as I try to not post anything to "touchy" as I just don't want to deal with the ramifications.

So glad to hear that Nick is having good days!!

blessings from PA

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your original post and found not a jot or jittle of it offensive. This is 'your' blog and it can only emit 'your' essence if 'your' thoughts and words come from the heart unedited. It's okay to be 'exactly' who you are. Will that please everyone?...no ma'am. Is that okay? You bet. I honestly think that true friendships are formed to the degree that we can tolerate or love each other's differences. For what effort does it take to like someone who shares our every opinion?

God Bless

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