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This is a picture of me with my mom.....she met us in Indiana for our little "Amish Adventure!"

As I drove, I thought of Bible times when people came from far and wide to have Jesus perform miracles in their lives and I wrestled with my journey to Indiana because I NEVER want to put my faith in a man on this planet for my answer to prayer. I prayed that God would know my heart. Not that I felt that this man could be Nick's answer...but that I thought God might use this man to help Nick. I never want to proclaim a man's name or a medicine's name as the healer of Nick....only His Father in Heaven. So as I share this story, please know that I give and will always give God all of the GLORY in Nick's life! It is through Him and in Him that I have my faith!

So, we turned from one country road to another until we finally saw the little sign......we pulled in the driveway to find a small, white shop with battered porch furniture and a tiny well-used outhouse nearby. As we entered the shop, we found a large barren room with a wooden floor and some chairs. A lady in a side room said, "Jake will be right back."
So we waited.
From the back a gentlemen entered. Immediately I stood closer to a very long-bearded, suspendered-bearing, weathered-but-gentle Amish man than I have ever stood in my life. He simply said, "Come this way." So we did.

Jake proved to be a precious man.

I could feel his love for Nick as soon as we walked into his little modest office. I said, "Nick is already a miracle," and he replied with a little, sweet, well-bearded grin, "I can tell that by just looking at him."

As he tested Nick, I watched his head remain bowed and his eyes stay closed, and I felt he was praying for guidance as he tried to figure out Nick's physcial needs.

In the end, he felt that Nick is battling a parasite that has spread throughout his body and said that Nick did not test for normal cancer supplements at this time..........he gave us several supplements to try and said he felt we would see action soon. He also told us to place our hands on Nick's head every day and pray for God to release the tumors. He wants to see Nick in a few weeks.

We prayed with Jake in a prayer circle....me, mom, Nick, my son Evan who went along for support, my friend Donnette who traveled with us, and another lady who was in his shop. I have never held hands with an Amish man and prayed. It was a very special day.

We then returned home. Supplements in hand. Prayers in our hearts. Hope rekindled. Joy remaining. Nick and Evan laughed in the back seat as they watched Home Alone II on our little TV. I soaked in the trees and hills around me thankful for a Creator who gives us such beauty to behold during our short time here on this earth.

God is still on His throne. His plans for Nick, while unknown to me, are very known to Him. He loves Nick more than I ever could (which is hard for me to comprehend).

So, I start today trusting as I did yesterday, and the day before, and the day before.

And I venture to another important aspect of November 4th. Placing my vote for our next president. So today, I challenge all of you to pray for our country.

Thankful for each of you,



God will lead you to those who can help in whatever way possible. My good friend is always tell me "don't put God in a box"--I tend to do that. He is so much bigger and uses so many people to do his work. All for HIS glory!

I love what you wrote:
"I soaked in the trees and hills around me thankful for a Creator who gives us such beauty to behold during our short time here on this earth."

He has given us such beauty here - I cannot imagine what he has in store for us in heaven!!!


Blogger Paula (SweetPea) said...

I think this is wonderful, Tammy. I don't believe by seeking a new doctor, a new way of healing or medicine, that means you are giving anyone else the credit. Just as we would normally seek a "typical" doctor for any ailment, there's nothing wrong in seeking the untraditional. God gave us doctors, medicines, and surgeons for a reason, for our aid.

It sounds like your experience was much more than seeking an alternative. It was a spiritual experience to see something different. Many believe in hands on and I say, when it can be done, do it. Of course, there's also power in the many, many praying for you all around this country and maybe world. There's power in prayer and there's power in many of God's children crying out to Him.

I can't help but to think of the story of Abraham in Genesis 18 where basically Abraham "persuades" God to save the city if Abraham finds 10 righteous people. God does care. He does listen to His children.


Blogger Cheri said...

What a greaa support system you have! I'm so glad that Nick is open to all possibilities. What a brave young man. What an adventurer he is!

Way to go Nick. Don't let anything get in your way!

Blogger Luanne said...

I am so happy to read the joy and hope that are written between your words. It sounds as if God blessed you during your journey--and also at your destination with the gentle, faithful man.

I just need to see each day as the journey--enjoy the ride and the scenery.

Thanks for the encouragement and God bless!


Blogger Bonnelle Pagel said...

What an amazing God we serve!
Yes, Nick is a miracle and we have a miracle working God. Continuing to believe and trust in our Lord.


Blogger mary circosta said...

So glad you all had a good trip and I pray that the Lord will guide you in all you do. and I pray for this man that you saw, I uphold Nick to the Lord for His will to be done and I thank Him for the miracle He can do. this chorus just came to mind,
"O Lord You're beautiful,
Your face is all I see,
For when your eyes are on this child
Your grace abounds in me.
O Lord please light the fire
That once burned bright and clear
Replace the lamp of my first love
That burns with Holy fear."
God Bless you all

Blogger Life with Spirit said...

Anything. I would do ANYTHING within my power and within my Christian faith for my child in your situation. God bless you and may he release the tumors!

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