Nick and A Couple of His Friends!
Brandon, Nick, and Troy have been friends since they were four years old! What joy filled my heart as they doorbell rang the other night and these two young men were at our door to see Nick! Now teenagers, these guys still love to laugh and share life! They all love sports, but more than that, they all love the Lord!! That's what makes their friendship so special to me!

What power Christ brings to EVERYTHING He is part of! The love between these boys runs deeper than anything this world can offer alone. They all know who they are, why they are here, and where they are headed! When you can answer these tough questions, you can face each day with a smile just like these guys!

The joy of the Lord is their strength!!


Blogger Sheryl said...

Oh I got so excited to see those smiling faces. Almost as if Nick was my own son!! That is so great that he has friends that are caring about him and love the Lord.


Blogger Van said...

Have you recovered from a most magnificent trip to NC and Proverbs 31 Ministires' She Speaks? I am so glad we got to meet. You are an amazing woman. Thanks for the pictures of the boys. Nick looks so good. Praise God!

Blogger Laurie said...

Tammy, We are rejoicing from your good news, no amazingly, absolutly perfect, music to our ear news. I hope you got the pic of our three little ones sending "thumbs up's" to Nick. I am adding you front porch pic to the site. I absolutely loved your overall example, as I LOVE me some overalls!!!
Remember that Cyndie and I live in Charlotte area and that is right on the way to Myrtle. We would love to visit anytime(I don't usually speak for people but I will on this).
Lots of love coming your way!

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