Winners of the "Little Angel" DVDs are listed in the post below.  Now we're moving on to another give-away!!  I am so thankful that during the holiday season God has provided so many opportunities to share with all of you!

If you are looking for some Christian comedy, you'll want to check out this series of DVDs entitled "Thou Shalt Laugh."  I just read the other day that you burn 6 calories every time you laugh, and if you laugh 100 times a day it is equivalent to 10 minutes in a row machine....

So, be sure to laugh today and maybe help someone else laugh too!!  Here's the link to the "Thou Shalt Laugh" series in case you want to check it out..CLICK here. 

thou shalt laugh

thou shalt laugh two

I have four DVDs, so post a comment below and you'll be entered!  Check back on Friday evening to see who wins!

Have a happy Tuesday.

I'm on my way to a couple of doctor's appointments and our internet is down at home, so I'm sitting in McDonald's real quick using their WIFI!! 

I love when days begin like this......


Blogger Jen said...

Hope you get your internet up again soon. It is amazing how lost we can feel without it. I went to the Thou Shalt Laugh website and had a laugh this morning. Is school out soon for Christmas. Over here the kids are finishing up the year this week, to return in February or very late Jan.

Blogger Cy said...

I already had one laugh when I saw it was hosted by Tesh!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah! It worked this time! Kindly enter me in the drawing for the "Thou Shalt Laugh" dvd!

Take care!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops! That "anonymous" above is Tammy from PA! : )

Anonymous Dana Franks said...

This is so fun!!!Love Dana

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tammy!
Team Seymour here....JR and I LOVE to laugh....Jeff Allen and Mark Lowery are two of our favs and the guy that is the ventriloquist, but I cant think of his name.
Love you girl!!!

Anonymous Sue said...

Laughter is good medicine. It also helps students stay engaged in what one is teaching...ha! Would love to have that CD on hand for friends and family.

love you

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