Lady Raiders013


Lady Raiders019

Lady Raiders026

Evan learns to iron..

Lady Raiders034

Lady Raiders036

Lady Raiders043

Evan and Josh..college friends

Lady Raiders139

Evan and Preston..lifelong friends

Lady Raiders150

Evan with Dash and Domino

Lady Raiders152

Evan and Peppy

Lady Raiders166

Saying "see you soon" to Snoopy...

Lady Raiders060


Lady Raiders071

Lady Raiders079

Kentucky memories...

Lady Raiders093

Lady Raiders108

Maria, Domino, and Evan. Smile

Lady Raiders125

Lady Raiders132

Lady Raiders133

Lady Raiders134

Lady Raiders153

Please pray for Evan as he starts a new chapter of his life!


Blogger Jen said...

I so remember the ironing lessons. It stood my youngest son in good stead. Now that he is married he does most of the ironing. Probably wishes he had never learned how. How exciting it will be for you to hear all about Evan's new adventure. Nearly as good as going yourself. Praying.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone looked so happy for Evan. I know you and his girlfriend have heavy hearts, but he is healthy and pursuing his dream. When is your first visit? Enjoyed all the pictures. Hope you are doing well. Sandy

Anonymous Evan Nischan said...

I'll be fine, but I'll miss home! Love you!

Blogger Cheri said...

Love that Kentucky photo. Hilarious!!

Don't be afraid...those words are everywhere in the Bible, everywhere. He'll do great things mama! :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

((( Tammy, Evan, Tim, family and friends )))
will keep you all in my prayers, as always

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