A Different Kind of Birthday

Nick would have been 16 yesterday,

But this year, like the last two, we had no cake.

We had no balloons.

In many ways our earthly hearts were empty much like this part of KCU's campus.

may 14 649may 14 650But God.

I love that phrase.

But God.

Because it changes every part of me.

He fills the empty places.

So yesterday, with the help of friends and the generous gifts to Nick's Foundation, we spent the day filling KCU's empty places!

Happy Birthday, Nick! Because of you, we are who we are today.

And for that reason alone we can praise God even in our grief.

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Dad wore his favorite shirt to remind us all to never forget to



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning beautiful friend,sister( in Christ our savior) and cousin-in-law of mine!!!!
I have spent the better part of yesterday afternoon and very early this am( a storm moved thru and I couldn't sleep) catching up on your blog...you truly have an amazing gift - seeing God in virtually every ( seemingly small but they rant really) thing or event. Thank you for continuing to share your heart with the rest of us.
I love you dearly and still am lifting you up in prayer-along with the rest of the family as well.
Love, hugs and prayers to you !!!

Blogger Jen said...

Praying you are safe from all the horrible storms. And a blessed time as you remember Nick's birthday. I love those swings. One in my back garden would be great! I am sure they make a lovely addition to the campus.

Blogger Amber said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! And YOU!!! Hope you are doing well friend!

The 24th is 4 years since dad died...Never gets easier...the other day I just wanted to call him so bad I couldn't take it...then the sermon Sunday was on death...it was perfect...God given.

Can't wait till Heaven.

Every tear will be wiped away right?

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