What did I need???????????????

I don't really like to drive in the snow, but last Thursday night I headed out with Erich, Mallory, Maria, and Todd to experience the "fun" of Black Friday shopping.thanksgiving weekend 003_resize

You probably can't tell from the picture below, but we felt like we were the only ones smiling in WalMart on this particular "night/morning." thanksgiving weekend 004_resize

The big sales were supposed to begin at 5 a.m., but every line was already backed up with at least 30 shoppers loaded down with Christmas treasures when we arrived at 1 a.m.

I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed.

The funniest part of the  night for me was that Tim was back at the house online with the list of things I had brought with me to the store, and he was finding the same deals online.

So he would text me with an item and the price, and I would text back, "go ahead and get it."

In the end, I stood in line for these two items.

I was more hungry than I was in need of a bunch of "stuff."

The movie was something Erich and Mallory wanted, and it was only $1.96!!!!thanksgiving weekend 005_resize

So I left the store having spent $3.06.

It's just one of those years where less is going to be good enough at our house.

What I really needed that night was a fun memory with my kids.

And that is exactly what I got!

We ate breakfast at J-Boys (Jerry's) at 3 a.m., and I had more fun there than I'll ever have in a store.

thanksgiving weekend 012_resize thanksgiving weekend 013_resize thanksgiving weekend 014_resize

Next year, we may do this again........

And skip the shopping part!

Have a great Wednesday!

And as you are preparing for the holidays I'm praying you'll find the most joy when you are surrounded by family and friends!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just loved your rendition of Black Friday. I never go out, but this year my husband and I ventured out for the 6:00 Joann's sale, and I was amazed that a craft store would have a long line. I did not get my free pair of scissors, but after I purchased the three Ott lights that I went for and some quilting items, I actually got the most expensive light for free. I was happy after it was 50% plus 20% off total order. People in Joann's were calm and I left with what I went for and will probably not do that again. We were talking to people in Wallmart the next day. They said they were passing out numbers on items for the sale at 5:00 at midnight and you had to stay inline in the store to get whatever. I loved your Cheetos purchase, my favorite. I am so happy that you went out with your kids, what a wonderful new memory for you to now think about. Tammy I don't know you, but I feel through this blog that I have gotten to know a very remarkable woman. And once again, I thank the Lord for walking and carrying you. I pray for healing for you each day, and I see you are wonderfully making it. God bless you each day, and I hope this holiday has a little more brightness for you. Sandy from MD

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