Flood Days.........



Our son Todd and a few of his friends decided to venture out on the recent "flood days" in our county.

Here's a few pictures of the college campus where my husband teaches.




I drove to McDonald's in my pajamas to take these pictures of the boys!



If you look closely, you can see our house to the far right in the picture above. IMG_7622 IMG_7601 

Is it just me, or is our weather seeming more and more extreme worldwide lately?   Makes me wonder how near the end of time is getting....

Longing for the day when Jesus returns! 

Living for Him until then,


Blogger Amber said...

OH MY WORD!!!! That is sooo FUN! LOL! It flooded once when I was there but not like THAT! We went mud sliding then...Good times! Nice to know awesome memories like that are still being made there...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've thought the same thing for awhile now too...I'd love to be taken away in the twinkling of an eye....
I love you!!
Cheryl Seymour

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