Little Update on a Few Important Things......
First, I've had so many people ask about how Maria is doing and am sorry I have not posted about her recently. She is doing much better. She's dealing with some blurred vision in one eye which hopefully will clear up with the medicines they have her placing in it each day. Now, the reality of losing her car has set in and she has been dealing with her insurance company. Lord willing, that will all be finalized within the next few weeks. Just like any other thing in life, there are always a series of events that have to follow the initial tough day. Thank you for caring.

Second, Erich and Mallory have set the date for their wedding!! September 18th!!! We are so happy for them and so thankful.

Third, our marriage class begins in just over an hour. YIKES! I ran to the store to get a few treats and a few prizes. Thank you for praying as we move forward with this seminar.

Fourth, I have been praying about some things with Nick's Foundation and am looking forward to sitting down with the board on Saturday, March 6th, to discuss where the foundation is going from here. I made a big decision yesterday to "step down" as the lead person in our area Basket of Hope program. Another lady from our community is going to step in and take the driver's seat, and I am so thankful. We have some big possibilities in the near future with Basket of Hope that involve Lexington and Louisville, and honestly, I don't have the energy to be what this program truly needs. I have found that the Adrienne's Angel Memory Box ministry is my passion and I want to focus on this as much as possible. I don't understand why, but God has called me to grief..................

Fifth, Olivia is trying out for a part in the musical "Annie" tomorrow after school!! She is nervous. Please just pray that her nerves are calm and she feels good about how she does. She has been so funny practicing the songs. :) Most of you know we adopted Olivia from India when she was just 19 months old, so you can imagine how I felt when she got in the van the other day after staying to watch the movie at school and starting talking about the auditions and then said, "I don't think I want to be an orphan."

My heart just sank, thinking that she had put it all together (the musical and her past) and was feeling sad.

But then she immediately said, "Because EVERYBODY wants to be an orphan." It took everything inside of me not to laugh.

I'm thankful that NONE of us are orphans if we have given our lives to Jesus and become a child of God.

If you feel like an orphan today, please know that there is a Father who longs to call you His own.

Much love,


Blogger Melanie said...

The "orphan" thing made me smile.
I've had those moments with my kids where I totally OVER understand what they say.
p.s. my daughter was in Annie in hs. she was the secretary. i'll send you a pic.

Blogger Donna said...

I would like to know more about the Adrienne's Angel Memory Box and Basket of Hope. Our ladies fellowship in Greensburg might be interested in helping in some way, maybe $$.Also I would like to know if you could come and speak to a small ladies group on our meeting night? I am a HUGE fan of your bolg and go to it everyday.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have so much Godly grace with in. Your strength is amazing with all the things you are trying to accomplish. You influence my life daily. I too would like to know more about Adrienne's Angel Memory Box. Sandy From MD

That is the second time today that the subject of orphans came up...I was just asking God to be specific about where he wants me...hmmm

Love ya and praying for ya!


Please let me know how to reach you by email regarding the memory box ministry.

Much love,

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