What a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The doorbell rang last Friday night while we were at my parent's house for Thanksgiving, and I was so surprised when one of my high school friends was standing on the porch as we opened the door! 

We had not seen each other since 1983!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlotte and I were in 4-H together and all sorts of other things!  Now she lives in Arizona with her family.  We reconnected a couple of years ago when Charlotte heard about Nick's fight with cancer.  She found me through the Internet and became an immediate encourager.  See, Charlotte knew exactly what road I was on, because she lost her son to bone cancer several years ago at the age of 20.

Her constant words of love have gotten me through a lot of tough days.

It felt so good to hug her and share a few minutes catching up IN PERSON!

I love you, Charlotte!  So much!

Have a very merry Christmas!


Blogger Charlotte said...

I had known for weeks that I was coming home for Thanksgiving. I knew that I HAD to SEE Tammy before I left. The monday before Thanksgiving I took my momma to see her brother in Tennessee. As we were driving down By-Pass road we made a pit stop at the telephone company because I wanted the home town phone book...did you know that......almost everyones addresses and phone numbers are in there????
So...off to Tennessee we go...we were gonna only stay for a day or two, but I talked my momma into staying til Thanksgiving afternoon. I wanted her to spend as much time as she could with him. So....fast forward....a few hours later....we were at the crossroads in Lexington...either turn right to go to her house in Grayson or go left to Brandenburg. I decided to get out that trusty phone book and I called Tammy's mom and dad. I wanted to make sure they were home before I drove the extra two hours. I would have gladly driven it and my momma was willing to go too, but I wanted to make sure where she was. Mr. Clapper answered the phone and I asked him if Tammy was home and he told me no she wasn't...I started to get emotional because I thought I wasn't gonna get to SEE her...he then told me that she was in BRANDENBURG with them. I got so excited. I asked him how to get to his house and he told me. He also promised to keep it a secret. We get there and my momma and I go knock on the door and OH MY GOODNESS....Mr. Clapper had Tammy answer the door!!!! It was so wonderful to see her. I knew that no matter what else I did on this trip home, I wanted to give Tammy a HUG!!! Tammy, thanks so much for being in BRANDENBURG....Thanks so much for seeing me and Thanks so much for loving me. You are an AMAZING woman and I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!

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