My Music is Working.........FINALLY!
Thankful to share that I finally figured out how to add a play list of full-length David Nevue piano music to this blog!! Yeah!!

Thankful to say that I cooked spaghetti and used the bread machine........and actually made a successful loaf of bread!!

Thankful to say that I did get three loads of laundry done........still working on putting it away!

Thankful that my son and I had a talk, and I think things are going to be better between us. Grief has a way of pulling people apart and leaving hurt relationships in the rubble.

Thankful to say that I was able to get a little writing done.

Thankful for a warm house on a cold night.

Thinking of those who may not be so warm and asking God to place within me a creative way to make a difference to those who have no heat.

Please read the comments posted on the blog about "giving" for information on helping Violeta in Romania. :)


Anonymous VIOLETA -Romania- said...

You make me glad when i read about all the things what makes you happy ,Tammy.
As truth in your words, dear Tammy.

Yes many children do not have the warm in them houses and comfort and frankly I visited yesterday (I sent pictures)from one family.
My heart so deeply upset that I will enjoy this season with heart bent.
Maybe friends who will visit this blog , will see images will understand ....... I am without words!
Thanks again, Tammy and God bless you !

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