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july 12 072

Do you ever get to a place in life where you feel a little like you're near this kind-of sign?  I felt guilty even stopping to take the picture!

I've been in a long stretch of what I feel like has been a "no parking, stopping, standing...anytime" season.

Partly due to my own desires to see Nick's foundation get up and running successfully and partly because I've sensed the need to keep pressing on in my spite of my grief.

Well, I've reached some sort of new place in my journey.

A place where the sign above has been figuratively yanked out of the ground and replaced by a sign more like the one below:

be stillTrying hard to read and obey....


Blogger Rose said...

Tammy, I am at a similar crossroads. I know how you feel! Sometimes we aren't always sure of God's will for us, it isn't until we look back that we can see we were on the right path all along. I think as long as we are seeking, we will find! I really love coming here and reading your posts. Prayers for you for this weekend as you venture into unknown territory. That is always scary, but you know who you have on your side, you can't go wrong. No matter what. Love you Tammy.

Blogger Jennifer said...

Absolutely love that verse....if I was a cross-stitchin' girl, I'd have it on signs and pillows everywhere! :) Actually a wonderful place to be - will be wonderful to hear from Him in all those quiet moments. I will be praying that this weekend's conference will just one of those times! Be sure to tell us all about it - I was so inspired and encouraged by my speaking group last year! I pray yours is a blessing as well. Say hello to MaryBeth for me (she probably does not remember me...but that's okay!)

Have a wonderful time!

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