One Wish for You........

Several weeks ago I was contacted by a publisher about writing a review on my blog about this new little book written by Celia Whitler. I've never done anything like this before and to be honest, I was a little nervous...thinking, "what if I don't like the book?"

So when it arrived in the mail, I was very anxious to see what it had to say!

First of all, I was so excited because not only was it a great little book but it also had a bonus CD which has some very powerful songs on it! Wow! Celia, you have a beautiful voice!!

As I began to read through the pages....

I was touched by the presence of Scripture as I turned every page and soaked in every wish.The photography accompanying each Scripture wish was perfect too! I truly felt as if someone had written the book just for me.....

full of heartfelt wishes based on Scripture!

This little book is easy to pick up and simply savor one page at a time. Short, sweet wishes, wrapped in Scriptures. That's what you find on each page.

I imagined slipping this into my purse to take to a doctor's appointment.

Or mailing a copy to a friend who is having a difficult time.

Or tucking in my daughter's backpack so she'll remember how much I love her and that more than anything my wishes for her are all rooted in His Word!

Or handing a copy to any of my children's teachers (Sunday school or school) or coaches......just to let them know I'm cheering them on with Heavenly wishes.

If you're looking for a little something to place in an Easter basket or to brighten a girlfriend's day or to give your mom on Mother's Day, this would be a great option!

Thanks, Julie, for allowing me the chance to preview this book of treasures!

Check out this link if you want to know more:

As I read Celia's bio, I couldn't help but wonder if she knows my friend Lara.....they are both from Franklin, TN!!! Wouldn't that just be something?! I could see God doing that!

For tonight, my wish for all of you who have clicked open my blog is this:

A week....

showered with moments of love because the Creator of the Universe loves you!

wrapped in peace because the Prince of Peace promises nothing less to those who trust in Him!

filled with hope because you KNOW who holds tomorrow!

sprinkled with all things at all times........because the Joy-Giver walks beside You....transforming your heart as you turn all things over to Him!

Thankful to share life with all of you,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just like the song says...If I had one wish I would wish "you had all you gave" give so much, from our "Beth time" on Sunday's to your words you bring us in your blog...Tammy I love you!


Blogger Jennifer said...

My wish for you today....that our Heavenly father gives you a glimpse a Heaven this week - in a very practical and real way! (Can't wait to hear about it!)

Blogger Susan said...

Thanks Tammy, I wish this for you also.

"He who refreshes others, WILL BE refreshed!!" (Prov. 11:24)

Anonymous Celia Whitler said...

Thank you for your kind words about my book, One Wish For You... The desire of my heart was for women to know how loved they are and to thank them for quilting their lives into our stories and for sharing their faith, hope and love with me in so many ways. I so enjoyed reading your blog and am thrilled my book touched you.
Peace in Christ,
Celia Whitler

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