The Empty Chair.....

I long to see you sitting there

I glance from time to time

The reminder of your absence

Is always on my mind

Sometimes Olivia plops right down

And shares a minute or two

Snoopy sleeps there often

As if that will be your cue

To walk in and say, "Get up, girl"

And give me back my seat

But then I quickly realize

As my heart seems to skip a beat

That even your voice is missing

From our home but not our heart

The memory of your smile

Will never from me part

Oh, Nick, we love you so much

You taught us more than a degree

Your chair may lack your presence

But it's never really empty

Cause your spirit's here-

It really is!

You still keep us on our toes

Every action, every word we say

From your memory flows.....

Thank you, Nick, for leading the way

With your courage and your love

We'll live for Him until the day

We meet you up above!

See you soon.

Love, Your Mommy


Anonymous Judy said...

Tammy, beautiful words from your heart...My mom has been gone 3 yrs...and I still find myself saying "Yes mom I hear you"...usually she is telling me to behave precious people who leave for Home before we do...leave their voices to be heard until we too, will be called Home to be with them...Loving and Praying Always...Judy Stapleton

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's amazing how you have so much to say after the person is gone. How much you miss them and you just want to hear their voice just one more time. Thats how I felt when my Grandma pass away. It's been 8 years and I sometime turn because I feel like see's there with me and I hear her say my name. It's amazing how God can works and bring you up when you think you cann't be brought up...there he is to wrap his arms around and to say it ok I'm here for you I wont let anything hurt you. Just like a little kid when there scard and just want to be held and love that what God does to us when we're in our lowest valley he brings us up to the highest moutain top. I will continue to play for you and your family.

Blogger Rose said...

{hugs to you Tammy}

Anonymous Brenda said...

Keeping you and the family in Prayer,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nick made such an impact on many peoples lives.....he will always be here in spirit. He was too much of a wonderful person to not be! He reached out and touched more people than you will ever know. Nick Nischan is truly a "HERO" in my eyes! Lots and Lots of Love & prayers for you and your family Tammy. It breaks my heart for Olivia, because I too know what it is like to lose my brother....I keep you all in my prayers and I hold you just as close to my heart.
Love Keeshla

Blogger Peggy said...

Blessings Tammy...such beautiful words from the loving heart of a mother grieving yet knowing there will come a day...

I would love to honor you & Nick if you would stop over & receive some "gifts" from me to you all:

Blogger He Knows My Name said...

Absolutely beautiful words. I just loved reading this.

I can't wait to meet Nick. As bright as Nick's smile could get here, so big, right from the heart. I'm just thinking, it's gotta be blinding right about now.

My dad has been gone 1 year now. I'm not comparing the two losses, not for a minute. We have purposed at my mom's house to leave a lot of certain things right where he left them, where we are used to seeing them.

We love seeing his stuff. It represents him and gives us comfort.

May the Lord comfort you and your family in tangible ways.

hugs, janel

Blogger Jessica said...

Your words are beautiful. I'm continuing to pray for your family.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sending love, hugs, and prayers to you Tammy, and Tim and your other precious children. I am thinking today of your previous blog Hemmed in. Yes, you still are. Covered in His love and grace. Blessings and love to you today. You continue to amaze and encourage me. Such an example of a woman of God.

Blogger Mimi said...

beautiful beautiful words...
from a sincere heart of gold
shining with the true love of God

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Tammy ~
What sweet words from the MOM of this special Gift we all call.... "Nick".
I am encouraged by your words!
Praying for you and your family today.
Love and Peace ~ Deborah Peterson

Blogger Paula (SweetPea) said...

How precious. You are a beautiful woman, Tammy. You have a heart of gold and it's no wonder Nick was such a wonderful, sweet, giving, courageous young man.
Sweet blessings to you.
Love you,

Your words flow so beautiful! You are such an encouragement to me...

Blogger Bonnelle Pagel said...

You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.. I love you Tammy!

Girl I am sooo praying for you guys still and will often...thank you for your honesty, and for sharing the toughest things and the most beautiful things your life brings along...I sit here and laugh out loud and boo hoo out loud when I read your blog and I am sooo thankful for Nick's life and your ability to so clearly share your heart and glorifies God...and that is what HE wants from us...


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