When Your Prayer is List Long........

Everywhere I turn, there are people needing prayer.

Sick friends, stressed and depressed friends,

struggling marriages,

big decisions,

troubled kids,........

the list goes on and on and on.

I have actually said out loud, "God, how do you do it?"

How do you take care of all of us?

And not feel overwhelmed?

Sometimes, I feel guilty because I say, "Yes, I'll pray," and then I go on my merry way and a few days later I realize I never did more than say I would pray.

Does God hear my unspoken prayers when I just "say" I'll pray but don't?

I sure hope so.

I've resorted to using things around me to remind me to pray for certain people.

Butterflies remind me to pray for Laurie.

Ladybugs remind me to pray for Rachel.

Brown bunny rabbits remind me to pray for Beth.

A sea shell in my kitchen window reminds me to pray for Mantha's family and Jennifer's.

Clowns remind me to pray for all my friends in Sunbury (sorry girls, but it's the truth).

I've found that tying things to people puts a visual in front of me often, so I'll remember to whisper a prayer.

I just received a call from a friend needing prayer for her son.  I'm thinking now of something to associate with him.

If your prayer list is long and you want to pray continually, try using things around you to bring those people to mind.

God wants us to prayer.  I believe He brings those things we have chosen into our daily paths often if we let Him know we want to use them as prayer reminders.

Start making your list today.

Your prayer list may be overwhelming, but I promise that the joy you'll receive from seeing God speak back to you as you ask Him to help you be a prayer warrior will be even more overwhelming!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


It is amazing how Good worksL I just sent the e-mail below to my Church Prayer warriors and then I hope over to your blog and your post was about Praying for others! I love how God works to keep us on track!

UPDATE on my Grandson Carson Franke he had open heart surgery 7/25

It has been a long night thus far Carson had a few rough hours without pain relief but it now seems to be under control! PTL! I can't help but think about all of the family's here tonight a 16 yr old with liver cancer, a newborn that just had open heart surgery and a two year old fighting for life after being found at the bottom of the family swimming pool just to name a few. I realize that sometimes I fall short in lifting up others that may not be on my prayer list! So let this be a reminder to me that my prayer list are never ending and forever changing as each of us endure storms in life. Praying tonight for these families and thanking God for wonderful places like Kosair and the blessings in my life. Please pray for these children and their families!

The 16 year old with liver cancer is from Meade Co her name is Billie Potter and she lives on Buck Grove Road and will be a Senior at MCHS this year. I got the chance to talk with her mother and Father. I assured them that they would be in our prayers. I ask her if they had a church home and Mom said "No but we sure need one and it's been on my mind." "I've been thinking Baptist" So I have invited them to Ekron she also said they would be happy to have one of our Pastor's visit them at the hospital. Lets pray for healing for this young lady and that God leads them to a loving Church even if it is not Ekron. They have had a lot of bad news but today they found out the cancer is stage 1 if they can get to a 5 year mark her survial rate will be 65 to a 100%. They are Thanking God for each little miricle he sends their way. Billie does not want to take classes online or be home schooled but her parents are worried that she will not be accepted by her peers when she starts to lose her hair. I pray that the students at MCHS will welcome her back and be loving and kind. I told her Mom that Ekron has a great group of youth and I feel sure they would make her feel welcome.

If anyone would like to send Billie a card she is in Room 422 PICU at Kosair Childrens Hospital.

I can not thank you all enough for the love and prayers you have sent our way.

We love you all!

Lisa Franke
MLT/Online Clinical Coordinator
Spencerian College
4627 Dixie Highway
Louisville KY 40216

Anonymous Tammy said...

Lisa, thank you for sharing this email with us. We will all be praying for Billie and her family. Love you so much.

Blogger Mary Cline said...

This is a perfect idea Tammy. Little reminders, I will do this.

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