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Having raised four boys and now trying to successfully swim through the unchartered waters of raising a teenage daughter, I was overjoyed when asked to review this new book by two obstetrician/gynecologists, Dr. JOE S. McILHANEY and DR. FREDA BUSH.

 Girls Uncovered:

New Research on What America's

Sexual Culture Does to Young


book girls uncovered

In this book you will find startling statistics balanced with empowering strategies for raising your daughter to become the independent and pure young woman you desire her to be.

Truthfully, I believe ministers, teachers, grandparents, counselors, and doctors should read this book as well.  The insights into "why" kids are doing what they are doing and "how" we can help them change these behaviors are beneficial to anyone who encounters teenage girls in a role of influence.  There's even a chapter written specifically to girls from the authors.

We live in an era when "anything goes" and kids are being influenced by their peers to believe that they have the "right" to do anything they want.

As a teacher, I see a lot of students every day who are amazing young adults.  I also see a lot of students who are lonely, insecure, and starving for good parental guidance.

Sometimes the task at hand seems overwhelming.  This book uncovers the truth about this particular generation's view of sexual relationships using statistics and stories the authors have gathered from research as well as many years of seeing women in their offices.

Teenage girls need the covering of healthy adult relationships in order to become the strong, healthy, independent women we long for them to be.

In this book you will find facts, resources, and techniques for becoming a parent or other adult-of-influence who can triumphantly meet the needs of a generation of teenage girls who desperately long for help, support, direction, and love.

Please post a comment below if you would like to be entered in the drawing for a copy of this book Girls Uncovered.  If you do not win, I highly recommend purchasing a copy of this book so that together we can help a struggling generation of young women.  I will have the drawing next Wednesday evening and post the winner by Thursday!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only have boys but I would love to have this for my 6 niece's.

Lisa Franke

Anonymous dana franks said...

We need all the help we can get!!!! Love you Tammy.
Dana Franks

Anonymous Anonymous said...

With four grand girls I would love to read the book.
Love and miss you.
Carol J Kirkland

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds PERFECT! We have been really hitting on purity with the girls on campus. Teenage/young adult/whatever, I am always up on more useful aids to helping our young ladies! Love you!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a teacher and would love to share this book with my students.
Marianne Morris

Blogger Marla said...

I have two teenage granddaughters, and I know that this book would be helpful. Thank you for the opportunity! Hugs!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also interested in helping teens....see it in the classroom and how they're starving for direction!!

Lisa Baker

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe I can get a headstart, since Josalynn is only 8. Count me in!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have 3 daughters and would love to read this book! My email is

Anonymous Leslie Mallard said...

Always looking for guidance raising my two girls! Will look this one up.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have one grand-daughter whom I love dearly. I would love to read the insights from this book.
-david holland

Anonymous megan r said...

Pick me, pick me.

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