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Two Saturdays ago we had the honor of participating in the Junior Football League (JFL) dedication of their football field in memory of Nick.  I had no idea they were going to display these banners which will hang at every home game!! A special rock is being made that will hold Nick's picture, a little about his life, and JOSHUA 1:9 (Nick's favorite verse).  nicks field of courage photos 2010 0049

Todd and Evan both got to be with us for this special day, and I was so happy!!  Tim and I are holding a picture of Nick wearing the same jersey that I had on for the day. 

Nick loved football so much!nicks field of courage photos 2010 0036 Some of my friends (and mom!) as we wait for the ceremony to begin.

nicks field of courage photos 2010 0060

A bunch of Nick's buddies. nicks field of courage photos 2010 0055   These guys all played football with Nick in elementary school.  I love them all so much. nicks field of courage photos 2010 0064

Some of the Kentucky Christian University players (and Tim's students) came to support us on this special day!  I love these guys too!nicks field of courage photos 2010 0069  I'm so thankful that mom and dad could be there with us for such a special day!nicks field of courage photos 2010 0041 More friend pictures. :)nicks field of courage photos 2010 0101_resize One of the little teams posing after the parade and before the bounce house fun began!nicks field of courage photos 2010 0102_resize

Tim  hugging Derek, one of Nick's best friends and me hugging Evan, another buddy of Nick's.nicks field of courage photos 2010 0107_resize

I snuck a kiss on Jon's cheek during the ceremony...he was one of Nick's lifelong buds (since birth!).nicks field of courage photos 2010 0116_resize    They had such a special service after the parade where they shared about Nick's fight with cancer and then played Casting Crowns' song Lifesong in his memory.  Here it is if you would like to hear it.  Just push pause on my blog music to the right before listening. :) 

The speaker said this song represented Nick's life story. Thank you, Lowel and Angel for such a special day! 

I was proud and thankful to be Nick's mom all over again.

Be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified.  Do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.



Oh, how I miss this sweet face.  Heaven holds a big part of my heart!


Blogger Beckypdj said...

It means so much when people remember and honor our children. I"m so glad they named the field after your precious boy :)

Blogger Susan said...

Oh how touching.

Thanks for posting the last picture.

Oh my, that smile just melts my heart.

Can't wait to meet you boy!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You hold onto that picture with all your heart. And someday you will see Nick's beautiful smile again. What a reunion that will be. What an honor to Nick in the dedication for the the football field. Sandy from MD

Blogger Sheena said...

I am so blessed to read this post.

Truly your son must have been an amazing one.

Am glad God allowed you to have this day to cherish.

Sweet blessings

Sheena from Malaysia

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