Remember Marbles?!?!?!?!?!

Do you remember the story from last summer about Olivia having a very tough night of missing Nick and then waking up to find a kitten mysteriously on our porch?!?  We named the little kitty Marbles, and she has been part of our family ever since!2009-07-030010 holiday world trip resized kitty cat and bird food 019 Well, Marbles is a CAT now, and I guess she thought we needed a little excitement on top of all of our other events of the past month........

Look what she "delivered" to us!

(Thank you, Tom and Jennie, for the use of your wood pile for four weeks!  Marbles must have felt safer there with her little secret!!)

evan leaving for california and kttens (83) evan leaving for california and kttens (82)

evan leaving for california and kttens (76)evan leaving for california and kttens (85)evan leaving for california and kttens (79)_resize

evan leaving for california and kttens (80)_resize

Yes, Marbles is now a mommy to 6 adorable kittens who all need wonderful, wonderful homes!


As much as I would love to keep them all (outside of course!), we probably have reached our limit with two dogs and one cat.  Needless to say, Marbles will be visiting the vet soon to have some medical work done. :)

But honestly, if you know anyone who would like a kitten, PLEASE call or email or text me! Please!!!!! 

Oh, by the way, Evan was in the audience for the filming of The Price is Right today!  He had a great time, although he never was a contestant!  Tomorrow he begins his internship!  And Erich is loving his job as a nurse!  I am so thankful!

But back to the kittens..........


Thankful for all kitten lovers,


I LOVE THEM!!! Your pics are GREAT! I have been thinking about getting a cat...hmmmm....

I also went to the Price is Right once...Bob Barker was the host then...GREAT TIME! Let me know when his episode is on I would LOVE to watch!


I want the black one if I can somehow get it...hmmm...

Blogger Jen said...

Oh aren't they adorable. I am a sucker for kittens. I adopted one from the vet's a few months ago. Gracie. You can follow her on my

They do fill your life with love . We are not allowed where I live to let cats out at night. They have to be inside and also be confined to your property and be registered with the town council. Ever tell a cat it is supposed to be confined. I had great trouble finding a way to stop mine from jumping the back fence. But God is good and I found a way!

Blogger Tammy Nischan said...

It sounds like you need to make a visit to Grayson soon! Bring your camea and something to carry your new kitten home in!!

Are you sure you don't want a kitten delivered to Australia?? If it takes as long as your book did, you shouldn't have to worry about it for months!

Love you both....

Still in search of more kitten homes!


Anonymous Christine said...

Those kittens are adorable! I'm pretty sure 1. we're too far away, and 2. our cat would have a major fit (and maybe my husband too!) Good luck finding them homes!

Anonymous Bonnelle said...

They are ADORABLE!!! If I lived near you I would probably come get one even though my dog would FREAK! =)

I love you dear friend and know that God has just the right homes for each of them!

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