If You Feed a Mouse A Nutty Bar...

When I decided to make a special "school-lunch supply shelf" in the closet in our living room a couple of years ago, I didn't realize I was creating a future "mouse cafe." 

And I sure didn't realize that a package of nutty bars had fallen down onto the floor over a year ago and not been noticed because of all of the notebooks, scissors, glue, pens, pencils, crayons, and other craft supplies that were stored on the same shelf.

So I thought you all should know:

If you feed a mouse a Nutty Bar.......cake class and mouse 026

He'll come back and want some more......cake class and mouse 027

And when he does, you'll trash your house....

cake class and mouse 029

cake class and mouse 030

Trying to find that sneaky mouse!


Friends will come from here and there...

cake class and mouse 016  cake class and mouse 028

cake class and mouse 022

Searching----looking every where!


They'll bring their muscles.....and maybe a bat.cake class and mouse 018 Some will even bring their cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cake class and mouse 034

cake class and mouse 024cake class and mouse 221

They'll look high!

cake class and mouse 031 And they'll look low!cake class and mouse 032

Finding a mouse can become quite a show!

You'll discover gifts you had bought on sale......cake class and mouse 215

And freely give them to friends on the trail!cake class and mouse 2-12-2010 0247 resized

At the end of all of your hunting and seeking

The mouse who had earlier been running and peeking

Will mysteriously vanish as if he were a vapor

Leaving Olivia surrounded by craft supplies and paper. cake class and mouse 039       And if you give Olivia craft supplies..........

More on that later. :)

(Inspired by the great "If you give a mouse a cookie" series of books)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great spin off! I used that book every year when I taught, as well as the spin off books from it. Loved how you made it all rhyme. You are so talented. Sandy from MD

CRACK ME UP!!! I love that Topsy and Pokus were there searching...were they really looking or just pretending to??? HAHAHA!!!

Blogger Tammy Nischan said...

Amber, You know what? As I wrote this, I was wondering if someone might thing these photos were "staged." I promise that none of them were. I was just clicking photos throughout the day and ended up with enough to put something together in the end!!! Topsy brought Keith Lauren(I just can't call him Pokus...isn't that funny!?)down later in the day to see if he could catch the mouse and he even looked up on the upper shelf to see if it was hiding up there.....he just loved that I was clicking away with photos...Ha ha. I'm pretty sure he thought I was crazy. :) I'm glad you asked though! Love you!

That is SO FUNNY!!!

Blogger Susan said...

LOL!!!! You are so precious Tammy‚ô•

Sending hugs~

Blogger Jen said...

good story. Just wondering if you sill have Marble. I guess not if friends were bringing thrir cats over

Blogger Tammy Nischan said...


WOULD YOU BELIEVE THAT IS MARBLES THE "ONCE UPON A TIME A KITTEN" IN OLIVIA'S ARMS!! I couldn't figure out how to separate Marbles' help in the closet from Ian and Cameron's cat, Lucky, who came in a pet carrier! Can you believe how big Marbles has gotten??? I didn't get a picture of Lucky out of the cage....I don't think....now I'm going to go back and check! How funny!

Love you!


Blogger Rose said...

So cute! I enjoyed your spin off story! Looks like you found everything but that silly mouse!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tammy, you do know the entire time you and your friends were "looking" for that mouse, he was under the sofa "looking" back at you thinking "silly humans, don't they know anything about the sneakiness of a rodent".
Good Luck my sweet friend.

Blogger Judy said...

Loved it! Now, if your story brought out the mice--please take it back. I discovered Sat. morning that one had visited me. For the 2nd time in 10 years has one been inside my house (that I know of). I hate them (or the mess they create_-not one of God's creatures), but for some reason, we just can't catch it in a trap. I hear the trap when it throws, but when I go look--nothing is there. I am saying that it was either your story or the snow--whichever--I don't want it!!! :)

Blogger Chris said...

This made me laugh so hard Tammy. You are so creative. I love it! Thanks for the smile.
Chris Wallace

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