Needing a "face" lift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had to literally "lift" myself out of the world of Facebook today for a season..

For the holiday season..and maybe even longer!!

Not that in and of itself I think Facebook is a bad thing, it's just that overall it's not a "good" thing for me right now.

I find myself logging on and then before I know it an hour has passed...

an hour of checking in on friends-many of whom I run into around town...

or making trivial little comments here and there on friends' posts that may or may not even be read.....

or hearing what friends from 20 years ago are having for dinner or doing for the weekend.......

and then trying to think of something to say for  my "status" that fits who I am and attempts to sound somewhat more exciting than "helping Olivia with her homework" while holding to my Christian values in a way that hopefully encourages my "online friends" to feel a little closer to God.


By the time I do all of this, I am worn out! 

And truthfully, I'm not sure how much closer I feel to anyone.

So, I've made a little pact with myself.

NO MORE FACEBOOK for me until at least January.

I want to have coffee with friends.  I want to take walks with friends.

I want to catch up with old friends on the phone (without even texting), so I can hear voices with laughter and tears.

I want to bake cookies with my kids and play board games.

So, I'll blog once a day unless time just does not permit..

And then I'll live.

I'll live without feeling the pressure to share that I'm living which is what I started to feel as soon as I logged on to Facebook and saw that my status still said what I had been doing three days ago!!!!  :)

I admire people who can juggle it all, but I am fessin' up,

"I'm not one of those people who can."

Thanks for loving me within the safety of my blog.

Trying to put down "Just One More Thing"


Blogger Charlotte said...

I Love You Tammy Layton Nischan no matter if you are on facebook or not. I will surpise you one day with a call...I would love to hear your voice....If you are ever feeling the need to get a Char me....xoxoxo

Anonymous Anonymous said...

FB just does not quite do the trick to really feel connected with people. Sure you maybe know, like you said what they are cooking for dinner and what is going on in their lives to some extent, but it is not the same as having a face to face talk or even a telephone conversation. Hope you enjoy your break and get to do a lot of those things you mentioned. Martha

Blogger Bonita said...

A while back I completely deactivated my account for about a month or two. It was one of the best things I've ever done. It broke the Facebook habit. I only got back on because so many people were begging me to do so, especially those who are out of state. But I find I rarely update my status or comment on anything. Matter of fact, other than playing Word Twist with a friend, I rarely do anything on there.

I guess I'm old fashioned because I don't Tweet or even know how to text. Funny, I don't feel like I'm missing anything!

I hope you have a wonderful time sans Facebook. May you reconnect with the joys of friends, family, and real life. Not that you were disconnected, but it all becomes clearer, more precious. And the other seems even more frivolous.

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