Everything rides on hope now.....

I pass Nick and Adrienne's graves every time I come and go from our house.  I almost always look towards them for just a second.  It's just my "mommy heart" making sure all is well there. 

No messed-up flowers, no leaning lanterns.

This morning as I was returning to the house, I looked over at their graves just as KLove was playing, "Hope Now."

It struck me that truly everything does ride on hope now....

That's how I breathe.

That's how I smile.

That's how I go to the grocery store.

That's how I paint a bathroom or rearrange a living room.

That's how I sit through a basketball game.

That's how I attend a conference.

That's how I speak to a group of women who probably have a better grip on life than I do many, many times.

I do all these things while riding on hope.

Hope that the God of the Universe is carrying me.

Hope that there is more to life than this life.

Hope that yesterday's tears will be tomorrow's laughter.

Hope that in the end.......

I won't need hope. 

I'll have Him.

Until then, I am riding on hope now.......


Blogger Sheryl said...

LOVE that song. Although our roads are very different I have often said that I would not survive without "the hope".

I like how you captured all the different things you do because of that hope. Some very ordinary things...it is all about hope. Thanks for the reminder.

Love to you!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tammy! That was so well said and such a beautiful song.

We have a plague that says, "HOPE is the ability to hear tomorrow's music, FAITH is the courage to dance to it today."


Blogger Susan said...

Oh what a great song...

What a GREAT GOD we serve!!

I've missed stopping by. I've missed your awesome gift.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us Tammy.

Your life is so filled with HOPE, and it blesses mine so much~

OpenID bonnellepagel said...

wow.... thank you!

p.s... I love the new picture and the words you've written under it. I sat and looked at your picture and so wanted to wrap my arms around you. "At some point," I told the Lord, "I would really like to go and have coffee with my friend Tammy." I believe... He will honor that request.

I love you dear sweet Tammy!

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