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king of wild things

Yesterday, a friend and I took our kids and a couple of their friends to see the movie "Where the Wild Things Are."

I love this children's book, so I couldn't wait to see the movie!

As I sat there watching Max trying to convince the creatures of the lost island that he was a "king," I couldn't help but think that we all long to have some sort of significance in this world.  At home, Max was facing a sister who treated her friends with more love than they did him and a mom who was wrapped up in the stress of her job and the excitement of her new boyfriend.  Suddenly he found himself in a land where, although scary, he had a chance to be ruler!

Max made all kinds of promises when the creatures ask if he could take away their sadness and loneliness.  At first, Max seemed to be capable of keeping his word....

But slowly, envy, jealousy, insecurity, and all kinds of other negative emotions began to overtake the creatures and Max found himself hearing statements from the creatures like,

"No king can keep the promises you make.."


"We can't trust you.  Things are always changing."

As I sat there watching the sad, sad creatures and the bewildered Max, I couldn't help but think of our world where truly things seem "wilder" every day.

SO many people are looking to others to be their "king."

Unfortunately, there is no one on this planet-no friend, no family member, no political leader-who can truly create in our life a sense of constant peace, joy, and safety.

Only Christ is capable of giving us what we long for deep within our hearts.

If you're feeling like others are looking to you for more than you can give them, point them to Him.

Or If you're searching for peace, I hope you'll choose Him-the King of Kings!

He can meet you right "where the wild things are!"


Blogger Jason Knox said...


Max tames the Wild Things by commanding them to "Be Still!"
Yet, like the judges, the prophets, Saul, David, Solomon, Abmilech, etc, no one is ever quite good enough.

We were created to put our faith in a King and only one is good enough. The Father commands, "Be Still, and Know that I am God" and Christ rebukes the wind and we all have to ask ourselves, "Who is this that even the wind and the waves obey him?"

(I found your post because I was trying to remember the line "No King can..." When I saw the movie it broke my heart and I shouted out loud, "Jesus can!" This film doesn't give too much hope in and of itself, but it is a perfect set-up for the Gospel. Thanks for posting!)

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