Hard to believe...


Titans MNF pic 075_resize (This photograph is Nick with Steve in November just weeks before Nick went Home to be with the Lord.)

As we were leaving to attend a Fourth of July cookout this evening, I received a text telling me that Steve McNair (Nick's favorite NFL player next to Mike Furrey) had been killed in Nashville, TN, this afternoon.

Thinking of Steve's family tonight. 

Knowing his wife and four sons need our prayers.

I found it so amazing that Steve played 13 years in the NFL and Nick was 13 when he left us here.

Two great people.  So glad they got to meet while on the earth.

Picturing Nick tossing a football with Steve tonight makes me smile,


Blogger Jon Lanier said...

Might be my current surroundings, might be all the blogs I've read today, but I am tear-fulled! It's late, but I'm going to go sit on my sons beds and pray for them.... Now! Tammy, thank you for such a wondeful heart... Tell Nick I am keeping your family in prayer.

Blogger andrewcostilow said...

i remember texting you this thinking you would have already had known. it made me sad that i was the 1 who told you. i know how much nick like mcnair and to bring it up saddened me. but isnt it great how both met on earth and now both meet again in a better place.

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